No Bullshit Yoga Philosophy

You've heard from multiple people that yoga philosophy is life-changing....

And you're wondering how triangle pose or downward facing dog will change your life....

Welp... they won't!

There is SO MUCH MORE to yoga than what we do on the practice mat.

Yoga Philosophy introduces an entire system for how to live your life in a way that creates PEACE within oneself, and how to move through the world in a more open, aware, honest, kind and loving way.

Diving into yoga philosophy will invite you to look at your life honestly and propel you towards a deeper understanding of how you show up in the world and how you can do so with more joy, compassion and purpose.


What you'll get:

Approximately 6 hours of philosophy, history and anatomy instruction

Origins of Yoga Module:
What is Yoga?
The Origins of Yoga
Yogic Texts
The Yoga Sutras
The Kleshas
The 8-Limbed Path of Patanjali
Modern Yoga

Yogic Philosophy Module:
The Yamas & Niyamas
What is Prana?
The Paths of Yoga

2-hour Anatomy & Physiology Lesson

Video Breakdowns of the 3 main Sun Salutations:
Sun Salutation A
Sun Salutation B
Sun Salutation C

Lifetime access to the course materials


$197.00 USD

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