The Backbends Bundle

A bundle of 12 back bending pose breakdowns, including warmups and 4 full-length classes for yogis who are ready to finally have success in their back bending poses!

Learn to practice backbends in a way that feels GOOD!

Each pose breakdown includes a discussion of props, modifications for injuries and different body types as well as regressions for beginners and progressions for more advanced practitioners.

Practice backbends without lower back pain with this bundle!

The Backbends Bundle includes:

  • Lifetime Access to 12 backbending pose breakdowns including:
    • Locust
    • Cobra
    • Sphinx
    • Upward Facing Dog
    • Bow
    • Camel
    • Bridge
    • Wheel/Upward Bow Pose
    • Wild Thing
    • King Pigeon (2 versions)
    • King Dancer 
  • Lifetime Access to the Backbends & Wheel Pose Vinyasa class, a 60 minute vinyasa class leading you to backbend peak poses!

  • Lifetime Access to the Myofascial Release & Wheel workshop, a 2 hour class using Myofascial release balls and foam rollers to open up targeted areas of the body to transform your Wheel pose (upward facing bow) forever!

  • Lifetime Access to Nathania's famed and sought-after Splits & Myofascial Release Workshop, 2 hours of everything your need to know about how to work on and train your splits practice!

  • Lifetime Access to a 75 minute Hollowback Handstand and Forearm Stand class to start exploring these stunning backbends upside down!


**If you have the No Bullshit Yoga Pose Library AND access to the Live Workshop Recordings, you already have this content spread across those programs.**


$79.00 USD

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