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UnF*ck Your Wrists

Change your relationship with downward dog, plank, push-ups and arm balances FOREVER!

This 16-video, step-by-step training course demystifies the question of “WTF is up with my wrists!?” so you can finally exercise without wrist pain!

24/7 LIFETIME access to video trainings and anatomical breakdowns  

✅ Step by step instructional videos for wrist strengthening and stretching that takes all the guess-work out of it

✅ Detailed explanation of how hand strength is more important for pain management than wrist strength

✅ How to modify your yoga practice or fitness routine for your existing wrist pain

✅ Precise review of the Fundamentals of Wrist Health

✅ How to activate your hands in such a way that wrist-pain becomes a thing of the past!


What People Are Saying:

The "aha" moment for me was all about the weight distribution. The weight of my entire body is not on my wrists alone but distributed into my fingers. Just like all my weight isn't in my ankles but along my foot. Once you "get" that, there is magic!

Abha C.

I have a rheumatoid disease and nearly did not sign up. Now I am astonished at what I can do.

Brigitte B.

I love feeling the connection between hasta bandha and my core! I could totally feel that when I sank into my wrists, I let go in my core, but when I pressed into my fingers my core became engaged and brought my spine into alignment! FUN!!!

Joy M.