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Patricia Danaher is a writer, mythologist and producer based in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Rituals for the Living, based on her work using rituals with individuals and families who are mourning the loss of an unborn baby through miscarriage, still-birth and unsuccessful IVF. Since Covid 19, Patricia has begun working with bereaved people grieving remotely and unable to participate in the usual rites of passage of wakes and funerals. She made and designed grief and ritual kits to help people grieve at home.

Patricia is a doctoral candidate in ecospychology at Viridis Graduate Institute, on the subject of grief, ritual and the unborn. She is the director of Harvardwood Publishing and has edited and published two anthologies of short stories and poems, the latest of which is a modern re-telling of classic fairytales, called Pa. She was awarded the Joseph Campbell Scholarship at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she completed a Masters in Mythological Studies.


Patricia is generously gifting you a FREE grief ritual consultation. Visit her website and email her to book!

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