200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen Your Practice and Gain a Solid Foundation in the Art of Teaching Yoga

Online | Fall 2024 Teacher Training


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Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Dive deep into the parts of yoga that you only briefly hear about in class and discover the life-changing capacity of this 5,000+ year old tradition.

Yogi Flight School's 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training is designed to immerse you into all aspects of yoga.

You'll gain a solid understanding of yoga’s origins and how it has evolved into the modern practice we see today, and you'll acquire the tools, language, knowledge and skills to apply this transformative practice to every area of your life and to teach it wherever you go.

Teacher Training is NOT only for people who want to teach yoga!

It is for people who have been touched by their yoga practice and who want to explore its deeper teachings. Yoga is about finding peace within oneself and learning to move through the world in a more open, aware, honest, kind and loving way- whether you want to help others or want to build lifelong tools to help yourself, this 4 month journey will invite you to look at your life honestly and propel you towards a deeper understanding of how you show up in the world and how you can do so with more joy, compassion and purpose.

This is not a cookie-cutter program where you learn to teach a set sequence. This is a program that develops YOU, your passions, your strengths and your interests and that teaches you how to incorporate those into poignant, intelligent yoga classes.

Are you passionate about the physical practice, designing fun sequences and taking people on a movement journey?

Are you excited about breath work, meditation and controlling energy in the body?

Are you a science nerd fascinated with integrated anatomy and how yoga helps strengthen and support the body?

Are you passionate about inspiring, motivating and helping people realize they are more in control of their lives than they think?

Whatever your passion is (maybe you're not sure yet!), you'll develop it and learn to share it.

Beyond being a well-rounded and comprehensive foundation for teaching and practicing yoga, this training will guide and support you in your journey of Svadhyaya: self-study.

The most powerful part of teacher training is the personal transformation that naturally occurs as you bravely find your authentic voice and learn to trust and embody what you love about yoga.

The YFS Team holds a fiercely compassionate, safe and FUN space for you to grow and teach, and the combined backgrounds of the teaching team makes for an intimate and truly individualized experience. And did we mention fun!?

Training Highlights

  • Learn principles of pose alignment, contraindications and modifications
  • Functional Anatomy Studies
  • Practice teach from the beginning of the training to develop your confidence. Repetition is key, and you will have plenty of practice teaching opportunities!
  • Yoga philosophy, history and the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga
  • Learn to sequence classes for beginners, mixed level and flow classes with your unique, creative voice
  • Psychology and healing aspects of yoga
  • Working with injuries and modifying yoga postures to address an individual’s specific needs
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication and effective use of class dialogue and tone of voice
  • Class theming based on the tenets of yoga philosophy
  • Subtle body and the energetics of yoga
  • Meditation, chanting and mantra
  • Ayurveda and healthy living for your Dosha
  • Exploration of arm balances & inversions
  • Learn the business of yoga and how to get hired as a teacher and/or start your own yoga business, privates and retreats
  • Explore the nuances of teaching yoga online versus in person, and best practices for each
  • Earn a teaching certificate that allows you to teach anywhere in the world!


Training Schedule & Topics of Study

This training is unique in its hands-on approach with a combination of pre-recorded lesson modules and live Zoom interactive lessons. We are committed to replicating the in-person Teacher Training experience as much as possible, so expect lots of live interaction and personal mentorship. This is NOT a self-paced program. We all start and graduate at the same time!

Training Dates: August 4 - December 22, 2024

With a few weekends OFF: September 8 & 15, October 27, November 3, November 24.

We meet on Zoom every Sunday for 6 hours.

Meeting time:
6:00 am PST | 9:00 am EST | 2:00 pm UK

The training features 96 contact hours of live instruction, as well as approximately 20 of hours of pre-recorded content.

The remaining 84 hours are made up of your own practice with teachers outside the training, practice teaching within your community, reading and homework assignments, to total 200 hours of training.

The training also includes 1 weekly Zoom Integration class with Nathania & Abigail on Tuesdays to put your learning into practice! Classes are recorded and added to the library. Exact times TBD, based on the time zones of the program attendees.

The August 2024 training is SOLD OUT, sorry!

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What you get:

✔️ 200 Hour Certification - register with the Yoga Alliance or the Association of Yoga Professionals upon graduation

✔️ Live Zoom Sessions

✔️ Private community to share homework and receive feedback on your teaching

✔️ Weekly Integration class to put your learning into action.

✔️ Lifetime access to the course materials

✔️ Mentorship & support during the entire journey

✔️ Lifetime access to Yogi Flight School (for non-members)

✔️ Pre-recorded library of pose breakdowns

✔️ Teacher Training Manual in PDF format (print or read online)

Registration Requirements:

At least 1 year of dedicated yoga practice (needs not be sequential)

A willingness to commit to a transformational experience!


Required Texts

The Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translation by Swami Satchidananda
The Tantra of the Yoga Sutras by Alan Finger
The Key Muscles of Yoga by Dr. Ray Long

You will also receive a downloadable PDF course manual with additional readings, but plan to purchase these books by the time the training begins.

Lead Instructors

The teaching team is the perfect mix of Yin and Yang. Nathania brings high energy and a fiery approach to the practice both in physical instruction and philosophy, and Abigail brings mindful, balanced and peaceful energy, creating the perfect balance of both. In yoga philosophy, this balance is called sattva, offering you a well-rounded taste of yoga with different approaches.

Nathania Stambouli

Nathania stumbled into yoga by accident in 2009, and what started as a purely physical endeavor and quickly became a much deeper journey towards personal healing and transformation. Yoga gave Nathania permission and the courage to take ownership of her circumstances which resulted in a complete life change.
Through a dedicated yoga practice and pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology, Nat unearthed a passion for helping others transform their lives, free themselves from restrictive behavior patterns and dare to be unapologetically real.

She believes that yoga, movement and a connected body and mind create a powerful gateway to self-love and personal growth.

Nathania is passionate about helping students explore and believe in their own potential with mindful, functional, creative and playful yoga classes that break out of the traditional yoga mold. Incorporating a strength-based approach and movement patterns from other modalities, she encourages you develop ownership over how YOUR body moves best. She believes in showing you how your time on your mat can be a catalyst for both personal change and acceptance.

Nathania (E-RYT 500) earned her 200 hour certification in 2015 with Cheryl Moss and Kate Duyn at GODA Yoga, and her 300 hour certification in 2020 with Noah Mazé. She has over 200 additional hours of advanced trainings with Laughing Lotus, Annie Carpenter and Rocky Heron, taught over 5,000 class hours and led six Teacher Trainings at her former Los Angeles Yoga Studio, SoulPlay Yoga. Nathania currently owns and runs Yogi Flight School, an online inversions and arm balance program and SoulTribe Adventures, leading retreats throughout the world.

Abigail Aller

Abigail is a yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa, and Yin. She uses yoga to cultivate a balance between strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally.

Her classes are interwoven with philosophy, anatomy, and Ayurveda, and students can expect to find a calmer mind, a deeper breath, and a strengthened connection with their higher selves.

Abigail has a PhD in Geophysics, and her love of science translates to a deep-rooted interest in the physics of yoga. She has a passion for arm balances and inversions, and her background in dance brings a fluidity and playfulness to her teaching.  

Abigail graduated from a 200hr YTT in Vinyasa and Ayurveda with the Atman Yoga School (Oslo, Norway) and has since completed several advanced trainings including 60hr in Yin and 5 element Chinese Medicine (Chi Therapeutics, Edinburgh), 50hr in Functional Yin (Bernie Clarke, Yoga International), 30hr in Yoga for Fertility (Bliss Baby Yoga, Australia), and Yogi Flight School’s own Inversion and Arm Balance Training.

Abigail Received her 300hr advanced YTT with Matt Giordano in 2022.





The Fall 2024 Training is sold out.

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Cancellation Policy
By signing up for this training, you are committing to it!
Cancellations made before 30 days of the start of training will be refunded, minus a $500 nonrefundable deposit. Cancellations made within 30 days will receive no refund.

Testimonials from Graduates of  Previous Teacher Trainings

These testimonials are from students of the YFS Online Teacher Training with Nathania & Abigail, as well as Nathania's teacher trainings at her former yoga studio, SoulPlay Yoga in Los Angeles, California.

I had no idea what to expect from this YTT- have been a solely at home Yogini since 2017- now 53 years old. Found Nat, and then Abi with YFS in January 2021. So loved the authenticity of their approach and motivation to drop old story lines - that I didn’t hesitate to enroll in their YTT as soon as possible after they offered it.
It has been difficult, humbling, wonderful, fun, time consuming and life changing for me. I am so glad to have gone through this experience and will miss everyone so much but have a feeling we will somehow keep our private FB group going as many of us venture out to become our version of a yoga teacher. They both dedicated a tremendous amount of their time to our cohort and we felt so taken care of. This seems to be impossible to find anywhere else.
I am so grateful to Nat and Abi for pushing my buttons and unearthing so much that needed to be. I still Have to get out of my own way and trust more but this journey with you will ensure I continue to do so. love you both. With deepest gratitude. 🙏🏻

Elizabeth G. | 2021

I joined this YTT because I had never been formally taught yoga and I wanted a better understanding of the asanas, proper alignment, Sanskrit pose names, breathing techniques, and the history and philosophy of yoga. Nathania Stambouli and Abigail Aller went above and beyond my wildest expectations and taught so much more than that. The program was very challenging - in fact, the owner of my local studio would ask me regularly what we were learning each week and she was so impressed by the content and curriculum we were covering. It was clear to me that I was in the Harvard equivalent of yoga teacher training programs. The assignments were tough and required us to put a lot of thought and effort into completing them (and also challenged us to come out of our comfort zones posting live training videos each week in our private group) but the feedback we received from Nat and Abi was nearly immediate and was extremely detailed and constructive. Living in completely different time zones made it so that one of them was available nearly 24/7 for the entire four months we were in training. Personality and style-wise, Nat and Abi are quite different which makes for the perfect team - they complement each other beautifully and provide the perfect balance for this kind of learning experience. I was initially looking for an in person teacher training but I am so thankful I was able to share my YTT experience with 21 international yogis who will forever be a part of my life and I am extremely grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to learn from such knowledgable and incredibly gifted instructors. Completing this YTT program is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Deanna K. | 2021

This training is absolutely the best. Like others have said the tag team Nathania Stambouli and Abigail Aller both teaching it is something really special; they are a great combo (as others have highlighted).
I will also say, DON'T register for the next training if you are looking for an easy train ride to your 200 YTT; those are there, they exist. This is NOT that!

Expect to work hard, to be challenged, to be afraid, to perhaps even feel like quitting. But if you stick it out to the end, you will:
1. Actually know how to teach 🙂
2. Most likely have major life transformations
3. Meet and connect on a deep level with other amazing yogis around the globe
4. Learn to laugh again
5. Learn to "let things be easy" -- and to "let go of results"
6. Learn how push that Facebook live button even when you are terrified +++

Bottom line; this training actually equips you to teach while helping you resolve / transcend / grow beyond your previously held misconceptions about yourself. All in the midst of an amazing, loving, and supportive community.
Thank you so much for investing so much time, effort, and energy into this YTT training cohort Nat and Abi. Forever grateful.

Yael M. | 2021

I can't quite believe this experience is now coming to an end. I haven't regretted signing up for one second. Just as YFS was my clear highlight of 2020, this YTT is my clear highlight of 2021. Where to go from here? Who knows? But I can be certain that I'm better prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, to step into 2022 than I was to step into 2020. This YTT is a big part of the reason why.
I think the 22 of us embarking on this YTT journey have each experienced a range of different transformations. No, the 24 of us - because Abigail Aller and Nathania Stambouli have been central to the collective journey and I feel they are very much progressing their own journeys through it too.
I have a much clearer view on where I want my personal yoga practice to go next (and where I don't want it to go), and along the way I've been able to geek out with anatomy and history and philosophy and of course Asana and teaching, and a bit of ethics and business and contemporary yoga culture. And, fun and friendships. Deep friendships will endure after the graduation.
Recommended, A++++, 5 stars, 10 out of 10, nipples to the ceilings, review from me!!!

Stewart A. | 2021

Whenever i read somewhere that ”200 teacher training usually dont cover a whole lot of xxx” i think ”well, mine did!”
Signing up was one of the best descisions of my life. A lot of content, wide as well as deep knowledge on a broad range of topics, great opportunities for interaction and exchange even online. Made me grow as a teacher but foremost as a person, and as a yogi. Excellent teachers, clear instruction, superb and unique course material, always fast feedback and answers to all questions. If you are considering taking an YTT, this is the one.

Ingela N. | 2021

If you have a chance, do do it! It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Nat & Abi are the perfect team! YTT was such a wonderful experience!

Kathryn P. | 2021

Nat and Abi are the dream team. They completely complement each other and have taught me so much more than I could have imagined. Get on that waiting list and don't waffle about signing up because you will miss out on a great opportunity if you wait.

Nicole B. | 2021

Anyone sitting on the fence I'd highly recommend you sign up for the next YTT. It'll change your life and it's the best investment you can make in yourself. Really interactive course, with lots of opportunity to practice teach and getting your words out your mouth. This YTT will make you grow immensely as a person. Amazing teachers who really compliment each other and make a fab team. Best thing ever! Thank you so much! 🥰❤

Billy M. | 2021

Eveybody who is thinking of doing the next YTT with teachers Nathania Stambouli and Abigail Aller don't hesitate, just do it!!!!🔥🔥 It was an emotional journey but it is so worthwhile. It is a gift for life to yourself! It will make you travel to places within yourself where you have never been, even if you are 57, like me. It will leave you feel connected with everything again, even in the difficult world we live in today. It is hope☀️ and love❤ and faith🙏 #YFS #YTT2021

Caressa S. | 2021

If anyone is thinking of signing up for the next round, I highly recommend it - this is no ordinary online course and you will not just be sitting watching videos - this is as close to an in person course as you can possibly get - with the best teachers ever (but you already know that part if you are in YFS).

Ai-Lean C. | 2021

This was the best experience ever! If anyone if considering it - you will not regret it. The way nathania and abby teach together is combining Nathania's solar and Abigail's lunar energy, one provides yang, the other one yin and you get the most balanced teaching there is. The assignments and homeworks are really thought through, the zoom meetups are almost like real life experience and there is a special bond between the teachers and the group as a whole. There is a ton of practice teaching involved and the course is put together in a way of dripped content - you don't see the whole course but just weeks as they unfold. This is the journy inward. And at the end you will know how to effectively cue, structure a vinyasa class and gain a whole new perspective on what yoga is all about. The way you see the world and yourself will never be the same. I would do this all over again if I could ( and if I ever do 300 I know who my teachers will be 🙂 ).

Anja P. | 2021

It was not an easy decision to go through with the online YTT course for me. Prior to the course I had the idea that we needed to be in person, that on line was going to mean we missed out a lot of the training. It fitted in with me because it meant that we got to keep everything in the course ,the recordings are on line and available for reference for ever, a great plus. We didn`t need to travel to the teachers studio which might have been a long way away and needed overnight accommodation.
The course has been meticulously planned so that we cover everything from the history to the modern day on line teaching.
Nathania and Abigail are hugely experienced and have a great depth of knowledge and ability to share their knowledge with each and everyone. They complement each other so well, with their different styles of teaching and energy levels. From the start to the end they have been helping us develop from insecure novices that had no idea, into more confident speaking, capable cueing, sequencing teachers. We have practiced in small steps starting to speak teach and cue all the poses required to go out into the world and start teaching.
If there is any interest in wanting to go deeper into your practice or wanting to learn to help others in theirs, then this is a great place to learn.
I honestly never thought that I would want to teach, I am shy, quietly spoken, and was brought up with little confidence, especially in front of others. My reading skills are not good but there is plenty of time to get through the course work. It has worked out perfectly for me having two confident, competent, teachers that can get the best out of everyone.
We are all in different time zones but it seems to work well with the way it has been organised too.
If you are considering the opportunity of YFS YTT, I couldn`t recommend it enough. I have now met many new friends from around the world that together have transformed into teachers. Thank you Nathania and Abigail for setting this course up and giving us a life changing experience.

Paul K. | 2021

“Nathania's 200hr YTT came into my life at just the right time. Not only did it greatly enhance my knowledge of the physical poses but the training deepened my understanding of yoga's philosophy, giving me the tools to face many challenges I had in my personal life. Those learnings will help me and enable me to help others for the rest of my life!”

 Sarah T. | 2019

“SoulPlay's teacher training is extremely comprehensive–it covered so much more about the world of yoga than I could have anticipated. Nathania put a great deal of thought and care into the curriculum, and the whole team truly invest in their students' progress and wellbeing. This training prepared me to go out into the world and teach yoga, and simultaneously provided an experience of profound personal growth. I truly could not recommend it more.”

Shira Menter | 2019

This training will give you everything you need and more to discover what type of yogi you really are, and where in this vast practice you can find your own unique voice and place. I loved every minute of discovering yoga in this environment, and if you're feeling called to do something like this - I highly encourage you to explore this program. It's changed the game for me and I know it can for others as well.”

Xavier W. | 2019

"Nathania has created a well-rounded and rigorous training program that has prepared me to not just teach yoga, but to teach yoga in a way that respects, honors, and draws from the vast resources, history, and philosophies of yoga. Not simply a program focused on how to teach asanas, the program invites its students to dive within themselves, to confront, honor and grow from their own personal struggles. All of this is done in a context of following the 8 limbs of yoga and applying this way of living to how you show up as a teacher. The supportive, non judgemental, and encouraging environment adds to the ability for each trainee to be vulnerable and honest, bringing out their best, truest self, and helping trainees to find their voice as a teacher."

T-Bob Bodin | March, 2018

"The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program was more than I could have imagined, and everything that I needed in my life. I’m still blown away about the amount of information that I learned and that I retained by the time we approached the final weekend. I remember the 1st day that I showed up and looked at the book list and the large 300-page training manual and thought, “Wow this is more than I bargained for.” As a fitness professional, I’ve done 5 other format training, and yoga is definitely the most intensive, and rightfully so.

What I most appreciate about Nathania's training is that it’s authentic and culturally relevant. This isn’t a watered down or culturally-appropriated training for the average person to digest; it is a deep and thorough dive into the history of yoga, the scholars, philosophies, theories, people, language, and culture. This training makes you want to go to India and practice and study more. I love that they kept us deep in the tradition and philosophy. In addition, we received thorough training in the asana practices—with special and consistent attention to anatomical detail. Furthermore, knowledge of Sanskrit was a staple of this training program. Our trainers were incredibly wise and knowledgeable. I feel like I was, absolutely, trained by mystical and physical goddesses.

I also work full-time, and didn’t know how I was going to balance my time between the readings (OmWork), practice hours, observations, essays and assorted projects. But through the yoga, I learned and even greater sense of spiritual discipline (tapahs), self study (svadhyaya) and found the desire and passion to continue on week-after-week. Completing yoga teacher training is in the top 10 best things that have ever happened in my life.

Last, but certainly, not least, the friendships and bonds that this program helped to create and foster, are among the most important treasures that I took away. I have a close connection with each one of my fellow trainees and our instructors, and will likely know them all for the rest of my walking days on this Earth. I couldn’t recommend this teacher training more, as I have more clearly been set on the path to discover my truth (satya) that will ultimately guide me into new pathways."

Keishia Gu | May 1, 2017

"Nathania's 200 Hour Teacher Training was incredibly comprehensive and well-rounded. From broken-down study of each posture and how to best cue and teach it, to mantras, mudras, chanting, philosophy, anatomy, different styles of yoga and healing modalities, I felt that I came out of the training with a very robust understanding of how to help people through the practice of yoga in a myriad different ways. The principal trainers complement each other amazingly well and offer so much of themselves and their experience to us as students, enriching the classroom experience that much more. They are also committed to helping their students excel and teach as soon as the training is over - as students we feel incredibly supported, which is hugely important. I definitely recommend this training and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! If YFS ever offers a 300 hour training, I will enroll! THANK YOU for the training and experience of a lifetime!!"

Amanda June | April, 2018