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I'm Nathania, and I fell in love with yoga because of the party tricks. I wanted to learn how to handstand, forearm stand, chin-stand -- basically all the stands. I couldn't touch my toes when I started and "I can't do that" was a comment that showed up a lot in my life. Other people can, but I can't.

Well it turns out, even the seemingly impossible is possible once you change your beliefs about what you can and cannot do, and beyond teaching you the party tricks, that's what we're up to at Yogi Flight School: changing the way you show up for yourself and what you believe you are capable of. Because what happens on the mat also happens in your life, and you get to show the fuck up and create ANYTHING you want for yourself!

Since 2015, I’ve been teaching yogis all over the world how to stand on their hands, elbows and heads and have been blown away by what’s possible with the right instruction, some dedicated practice and a loving, supportive community.

I own and operate SoulPlay Yoga, a boutique yoga studio in Los Angeles, California, as well as SoulTribe Adventures, an international retreat company where I take people on vacation and teach them inversions and arm balances in paradise!

Are you ready to change your story and make the impossible, possible? Yogi Flight School will skyrocket your arm balance and inversion practice...and your life, guaranteed.

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