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Specialized Online Arm Balance & Inversion Course for Aspiring Yoga Ninjas!


Ditch the wall and the faceplants for good.
Flow into arm balances & inversions with ease!

Start Flying Today!
Yogi Flight School

Specialized Online Arm Balance & Inversion Course for Aspiring Yoga Ninjas!


Ditch the wall
and the faceplants for good.
Fly into arm balances
& inversions with ease!

Start Flying Today!

2-hour FREE Beginner's Arm Balance & Inversions Workshop

LIVE ON ZOOM with real-time feedback & coaching!

October 8th, 2023

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Leave your stories of "I'm not x enough" behind and fly like you've always wanted to!

If you want to nail arm balances and inversions in your yoga practice, Yogi Flight School's specialized beginner arm balance & inversions program  is the place to start! Beginner arm balancers, intermediate inverters.....our unique online arm balance and inversions program turns face-planters into ninjas in weeks!

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"I just had to message you to say wow!....thrilled is an understatement. I am always dubious of online courses but your approach, style and communication is brilliant. Truly professional while fun. I can’t tell you how long I have been trying to master a handstand (long way off yet) but at last I feel like I have found someone who can truly help me get there. Thank you again and look forward to sharing the journey. Best from London" - Amy M.

"First of all, let me say that your program is amazing. And you are such an inspiration. Very happy I made the purchase:-) WINS: Crow pose! I’ve been trying to do this for years and thought I was truly incapable. I even stopped attempting it in class because I just didn’t think it was possible for me. But as soon as I saw your module, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I went through all the steps and voila! Like magic." - Chamblin R.

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Courses, Training & Retreats

Our signature program, Yogi Flight School is designed as a beginner arm balance online course and also caters to intermediate ninjas who are working on expanding their yoga inversion practice. We also offer a variety of teacher trainings (200 & 300 hour), smaller courses and in-person retreats!

Yogi Flight School

Our signature arm balance & inversions course.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Online "LIVE" Teacher Training!

2024 Training NOW ENROLLING!

UnF*ck Your Wrists Mini-Course

Eliminate wrist pain in your practice!


The Chaturanga Masterclass

Get strong, safe & confident in your Yogi Push-Up


The Workshop Bundles

Dip your toe in and learn how we teach.


Yoga, Fitness & Adventure Retreats

Learn arm balances in paradise!

Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico, Bali & more!

The No BullSh*t Yoga Pose Library

Demystify over 90 of the most common yoga poses!

$297 $127

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced training for existing yoga teachers.

2023 Training Closed


Ninja Case Study!

Anna K is the winner of our July 2022 Ninja Breakthrough Case Study contest!

Learn about Anna's battle with depression, anxiety, extreme fear, and agoraphobia - and how that battle was altered once she joined our Yogi Flight School family. Congratulations to Anna!

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ANYTHING is possible!

I'm Nathania, and I fell in love with yoga because of the party tricks. I wanted to learn how to handstand, forearm stand, chin-stand -- basically all the stands. I couldn't touch my toes when I started and "I can't do that" was a comment that showed up a lot in my life. Other people can, but I can't.

Well it turns out, yoga is about a lot more than that, but the journey to standing on my hands changed my life. Even the seemingly impossible is possible once you change your beliefs about what you can and cannot do, and that's what we're up to at Yogi Flight School: changing the way you show up for yourself and what you believe you are capable of. Because what happens on the mat also happens in your life, and you get to show the fuck up and create ANYTHING you want for yourself!

Are you ready to change your story and make the impossible, possible? Yogi Flight School's unique online handstand, headstand, forearm stand and arm balance training course will skyrocket your arm balance and inversion practice...and your life, guaranteed.

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So you've been trying to nail Arm Balances and Inversions, but you've been making friends with the floor more than flying.... We get it! Most people struggle with holding balance on their hands because they are missing crucial mechanics that are rarely taught in public yoga classes or YouTube videos.

Yogi Flight School's specialized
Online Arm Balance and Inversions Course, you will be flying like before you can say "How the heck did I do that?" No matter if you’ve ever practiced yoga, arm balances or inversions before - this program is designed to make you fly with the body that you have today. You got that right: No matter your age, body type or experience...  by learning the mechanics and techniques of each pose and getting your MINDSET right, you'll be doing things with your body that you never thought possible.

Online Yoga Training  provides very specific pose details, warmups, wrist-strengthening exercises, mobility and flexibility drills and everything you need to take your practice upside down - including PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK from our team of professional arm balance teachers.  And that’s not all! By joining Yogi Flight School, you also join THE BEST arm balancing and inversions online community where you receive all the support you need and connect with thousands of other ninjas across the world.


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