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Ninjas from all over the world are here to inspire you with their own experience with Arm Balances and Inversions and how Yogi Flight School has touched their lives. They share amazing transformation stories of breaking through limiting beliefs and fear, and becoming an actual NINJA on the other side. Read about how they overcame their own obstacles and learned to fly like badasses.
Are you ready for your turn? Arm balances and inversions are way more than just cool ninja tricks. They have the power to change your life - and that's what we're all about here. With our unique methodology, support from the incredible YFS community and your dedication, your success is inevitable!

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Yuki C.

I am super impressed with your platform. I secretly wished to have a teacher to break the arm balance and inversion poses down for me and just when I asked for it, your ad appeared on my social media. With the introduction video I instantly knew, that joining your platform was the right decision. Your energy and the way you communicate and explain the poses and give wisdom to carry out off the mat.
So the big win that I take away from starting with your program was the Activation of the BANDHAS! BIG GAME CHANGER! I have looked up soooo many tutorials and platforms to explain to me how to get into the poses, and NEVER did I hear it so clearly about locking my bandhas to get into the arm balances. I haven't managed to get into crane yet, but I notice in my practice whenever I lock the bandhas, I reach much higher up with my body. So this gave me such a big light, that I know with practice, I will manage to master these arm balances. And I am very grateful for joining this platform! Thank you and keep up with your great work! Much love and all the best to you and your team.

funky side crow variation

Niina M.

YFS's crow module was oh so super fun and for the first time I freakin' nailed it and got a 10 sec hold! Also funky side crow came quite easily and

I was like whattaaa hell??

Before this course I thought I could never ever pull of crow or this cool side crow variation you taught (pls don't laugh at my face in these pics, I'm usually not this serous while I'm practising😂).

I've been also practising headstand and the progress was really slow, but you made it click right away😍 Now I can come into a headstand pretty smoothly and hold it for AGES! In 4 weeks I have gained so much strength and confidence that now it's perfectly okay to land on my face every now and then 😊

flying lizard yoga pose

Lily L.

I'm having a great time! Just this week I've nailed crow, side crow and Koundinyasana A !! I can't believe it. Trying not to rush myself but I'm so excited for inversions! I have headstand with a press and pincha and headstand with the wall but I'm looking forward to breaking that fear and coming away from the wall! Looking forward to the Saturday sessions.

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Siobhan G.

Loving how this program is making my Ashtanga stronger too. My pick ups and jumpbacks and jump throughs are getting stronger. I’m getting consistent hang time, and picked up first time from Kurmasana to Tittibhasana to Crow to a jump back, aged 50. Boom! The gift to myself that keeps on giving. Thank you Nathania x


Paul Kundiss

My name is Paul. A retired builder. From my late twenties I have had a serious problem with my back. Taking treatment from chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports massage therapist and others.
Working in the building trade I spent my time in steel toecap boots wearing protective clothing and needing a metal reinforced girdle to continue working. After wearing out two girdles a in need of a treatment twice a week to be able to work.
Told that I could not continue as a carpenter any more my my GP,I took a second opinion and after an MRI scan and xray was told that I had a herniated disc and would have this for life.
I took early retirement before I ended up in a wheelchair.
My body was never flexible in any part.
I was losing muscle mass due to lack of effort.
In 2015 I found yoga. This was the first time I felt the chance to repair the damaged body.
I love the process and just loved the inversions at the end of class but never had the time or energy to play long enough.
In 2020 after taking the free three day YFS course fell in love the idea of full time fun poses,hence the house of fun.
In 2021 took the next step to train with Nathania and Abigail for 200HR YTT.
This has given me a deeper more meaningful reason in my yoga journey.
Teaching yoga on the beach weekly. Teaching my wife daily classes. Teaching in studios including handstand and inversions on a weekly basis.
Inspiring yogis to believe that they can and will achieve things that others try to convince them are not possible.
My life is now is full of hope for others to reach their goals and dreams.
If I can do anything to inspire you to believe then it will be when I can do my press to handstand, splits,dropback and one arm handstand. All on my to do list.
Don't tell what I can't do because I shall just work harder to prove you wrong.
See you in the chat or on the mat.

parsva bakasana

Melanie May Mclaren

Ninjas in the wild. Thank you everyone in this amazing group for all of your love, kindness and compassion for each other.

I won’t go on about it here too much, but I suffered with M.E for many years following a severe assault.

I struggled to get out of bed and didn’t even have the strength to brush my own hair, I was told that there was no cure and that I had to learn to live with this illness, but this was someone else’s expectation and for a long time this became my story.

I tell you this not for sympathy but to share joy and to spread hope. I started with very gentle yoga and changed my diet, taking my health in my own hands. It has been a long, sometimes difficult road, but a journey filled with gratitude and much grace.

I have grown so much here in the last few months, and I have become quietly fearless and determined.

Listening to your stories, hearing of your challenges, seeing you overcome your difficulties and watching your progress has inspired me far more than you will ever know.

Nat and Ninjas thank you with all of my heart

You have taught me that we have the power to shape our lives, we are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for, and that we must forever hold on to the pen and write our own unique life story, never allowing another to limit our beliefs.

Much love from my heart to yours xxx

Ninja Case Study - Patty

"YFS has taught me to try to balance my fear and my ego. Focusing on trying things I never thought I could do because I can't is no longer a story that I believe, but also, giving myself the grace, and doing things with joy, so that the fun is not just in achieving the goals, but in the journey themselves."

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Kate Hassel

Hi everyone. This is my second time posting as a yoganinjanoob! No pictures right now, but I have to share what has been in my <3 this week.
Like many people, I have suffered with depression, anxiety, and self-loathing for most of my childhood and adult life. This resulted in me pulling away from friendships, talking down to myself, and hiding behind habits, stories, and excuses as a way to avoid being hurt, rejected, or disappointed. I would often joke about the fact that I never exercised or ate right because I simply didn’t care enough about myself to invest my time in those things. I certainly would have NEVER thought that I could do some of the things my body has shown me it can accomplish lately (like crow, side crow, fallen angel, and making my way into headstand)!
Being just a few weeks into this program, I have already found an incredible transformation within myself that I did not realize I needed and certainly did not expect. With each passing milestone, I feel more confident, powerful, intelligent, and capable than I could have ever imagined. The amount of personal fulfillment and joy I have uncovered within myself from #yogiflightschool is astounding, and I can see it spilling over into every other area of my life. In fact, I would argue that spending time with the mindset courses ALONE are worth every. single. penny, and that anything beyond this inward healing and transformation – even the poses which are the purpose of this program - are simply a plus. It is especially exciting to know that there are only better things to come; as we work to master these poses, we will all find more strength, more accomplishment, and more grace with each step of the way. I feel like a brand new woman, and others have even commented on the change in my demeanor and appearance.

I hope anyone on here who has been like me – shy, cynical, negative, or self-loathing – finds equal comfort in what Nathania and her wonderful team of yoga ninjas have to offer us. I just wanted to praise this team of amazing people for the incredibly meaningful work they do.

So thankful for #yogiflightschool!!!

Side Crow

Nora Kubacki

The summer I was turning 9 years old I was in a car accident and I broke my right arm and right leg.

After a few surgeries, I was able to walk again, but had a lot of physical pain as a result and I was always afraid I was going to get hurt.

On 2018, I started practicing at Yoga at Empower Yoga. I remembered the first time one of my teachers encouraged me to try Crow Pose while attending her class.

I thought to myself: “She doesn’t know my injuries, there is no way I can do this.”

But she insisted, and I realized that she saw in me something I could not see in myself yet: the potential to transform my life by changing my mindset and the stories I kept telling me myself for years that kept me stuck in my fears and limiting beliefs.

So, one day I gave it a try. I did not nail the pose, but that really changed the way I saw myself. I was no longer broken, I was empowered by my life’s possibilities. Eventually, after three months of trying I was able to fly on December 26, 2018.

When I joined Yogi Flight School, I was drawn to the comparisons that Nathania was making on how “these poses” are just a reflection on how we live our life.
I had been trying Side Crow on my right side for a while, but the fear has always stoped me. So, today for the first time ever, I was able to do it!

I am so incredible thankful for Nathania’s inspiration and guidance on helping me leave behind those excuses and fears that keep me from soaring once again.

"I can at least get into position for chinstand, even if I can’t hold it!! Before your course, I was definitely in the “how are you even doing that” mindset for a chinstand, and now I get it! I love the fact that you have so many vinyasa strengthening classes for each pose; that’s exactly what I need, I had no idea how to get stronger in ways that would help. One week in and I’m excited to keep going!"

- Carmen L. -

"As for my progress, you can check it out on FB. I just made my first post in the group this afternoon. I’m just at crow pose section in the self-study course, and so far this is THE BEST instruction I’ve received in any yoga class. You’re the best!"

- Sarah H. -


"I just had to message you to say wow! I only signed up this morning, did the intro sessions and reached the shoulders section of the crow module and I am holding a crow...only for 8 secs currently (yes counting 😀) and my wrists are sore and arms where my legs are pressing into them which I’m sure suggests not perfect relaxed form just yet but even so....thrilled is an understatement! I am always dubious of online courses but your approach, style and communication is brilliant. Truly professional while fun.
I can’t tell you how long I have been trying to master a handstand (long way off yet) but at last I feel like I have found someone who can truly help me get there. Thank you again and look forward to sharing the journey. Best from London"

- Amy M. -


"Thank you so much for your amazing advices! I have been mastering crow pose, now working on aka pada bakasana : not so easy! Sirsasana A and B are working well, I try now some variations ( I get the pike now wooow so happy! ). I have been working on handstand for quite long time alone and it feel soooo much better now!
So lot of progress since I started only about a week ago! Go on you are amazing 🤩 "

- Kanti Y. -


"I wanted to let you know your teaching is so good that my 8 year old daughter can do a side crow. This is her first attempt from copying me today. Incredible! 

YFS has brought me closer to my children. You might think (I thought) that me doing more yoga would take me away from them, be more 'selfish' of me, have less time spent with them etc. In reality, my children are curious about what I'm doing and we spend more time playing together. My 12 year old son can do crow - but he didn't give his permission to send you his pics!

It's wonderful, and I'm grateful to you, thank you."

- Lucie C. -

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Ninja Case Study - Ticia

Listen to Ticia's experience of having to learn how to walk again after her hips would no longer support her body weight. This incredible feat gave her the confidence to commit to learning how to fly, and she is now one of the Yogi Flight School community's most active members.

"Loving the course so far. Getting into crow pose for the first time in 20 years of practicing yoga, even if it’s just for a second or 2. I definitely had a story that it was just something that wasn’t going to happen for me. All the stuff you say in your videos. Bum too big, not enough upper body strength. Very self limiting language. Practicing everyday to try and nail it.  Stack your shit was a big one for me. My centre of gravity was too far back to be able to get into the pose. I haven’t ventured onto a new one yet, but will get there. I’m also really enjoying your interviews. Very inspiring. Thank you from Australia 🇦🇺 "

- Teresa L. -


"I am loving your flight school! One day when I grow up, I want to be just like you.  ha ha.  I am working on my crow still but have had excellent success with it this week!!  I have just begun more in depth training of Yoga to become a certified teacher (200 YTT). I am telling everyone about your program!"

- Sherrie K. -

"I love Yogi Flight School. Even though it has only been a week I have learned a lot. Working on my crow and in particular I have noticed:

  • Stacking! I never paid attention to stacking so much and I see how it really helps.
  • I always knew to glide forward but not to the point you describe with your finger tips-brilliant.
  • I have a student who struggles to look forward so your suggestions on using your eyes is amazing.

Can’t wait to get further into the classes and hope to join a few lives as well."

- Patricia W. -


"It wasn't an aha moment. It was an OMG I can actually do this moment. Like letting go of a belief that after 2 kids my body didn't move that way. It was more emotional than I thought it would be. Strong momma. I was proud of myself."

- Robyn R. -


"I just want to send you BIG THANK YOU for your program and I am so happy to benefit from this special training, what you are doing by creating YFS is just phenomenal for me. You are helping so many people to overcome FEAR and to be emotionally stronger. Overwhelmed Fear could shadow our mind and could freeze our good actions.

For me, FEAR stops me from experiencing so many asanas in YOGA, especially Arm Balances and Inversion.

Yesterday's workshop, I just cannot believe that I could get into Mukta Hasta Sirsasana, I always thought that I would never do this asana, because I am too old (64 years old).

But your workshop proves me the contrary, I did get into this pose with ease for the first time. It's not perfect but I did not fall from trying for the first time! 

This experience opened my eyes : I at last understand the quote "Don't believe your thoughts" (Eckhart Tolle) 

I am so grateful for your Program and I am sending you and all your Beautiful Staff my whole gratitude for your beautiful Life's mission.

So much Gratitude,"

- Kim -

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"I'm recovering from burn out and yoga is the only thing that has kept me some what sane for the past terrible year. I almost stopped practicing yoga because I felt like I was getting nowhere, feeling sad and washed out until I saw an ad of YFS in Facebook. Got interested, what's this shinanigan and wow, these people are super yogis being able to do all that😳 I thought What the hell, I have nothing to lose anymore so let's give it a try and got blown away immediately🙏
The biggest accomplishment I've made in the past week is to start to understand and trust the Oh shit point! I made it to Crow for the first time in my life in just one week, I just cannot believe it😊 Also this program gave me something to look forward to every day.
So excited to practice with all the Ninjas in your community and cannot wait for module 2!

- Niina M. -

"First of all, let me say that your program is amazing. And you are such an inspiration. Very happy I made the purchase:-) 
WINS:  Crow pose! I’ve been trying to do this for years and thought I was truly incapable. I even stopped attempting it in class because I just didn’t think it was possible for me. But as soon as I saw your module, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I went through all the steps and voila! Like magic.
This is HARD, but I’m so psyched that I’m going for it. I’m trying to celebrate the baby wins as much as possible. Thank you again for creating this program! The studio I practice in goes crazy for arm balances and inversions and I am always so jealous!"

- Chamblin R. -


"I applied your tips in my regular class today and they really helped. :) ( twisted root, flying pigeon, flying lizard, and I’ve forgotten the other one we did in class. I was working on flying crow yesterday and was having success getting into it from down dog. Previously when trying it couldn’t get it. Will try more things from module one this weekend and then skip to module 5 I think before going on to the others. I’ll post some videos hopefully this weekend of flying pigeon I’m getting it much better on one side then the other, and would love some feedback."

- Julie A. -


"Before I signed up, I was a bit "uhh, is that really Yoga?" and "is that just my ego that wants to do cool poses"...(and in my YTT, they are all about "the pose is not the goal")? But actually, you are teaching so much more Yoga than most of the Yoga teachers I have had in my life. You are an amazing inspiration - I find it so difficult sometimes to teach beyond the poses. "Meeting people where they are" (what so many people say) does not work at all in my experience, because no one reflects on themselves without encouragement and guidance and most people don't even know that there IS a philosophy behind this at all - I love that you just throw it at people. I think this is the only way to do that. And if they hate it, fine. They will find someone else who does not bother them with inconvenient questions ;)"

- Nike S. -


"I'm an 'all in' type girl....I'm ready for this even though it's going to be a challenge. I loved the intro video I watched so I signed up.... I had no idea how amazing the community would be or how me wanting to know more about inversions could change my life.... THANK YOU!"

- Jodi S

Ninja Case Study - Deanna

Deanna Kohl is the winner of our 2021 Ninja Breakthrough Case Study contest!

Discover the massive transformation she made in Yogi Flight school as a survivor of a rare, invasive form of cancer and how she never let circumstances dictate what was and is possible for her life. Deanna is one of our YFS Ninja Warriors and we are so proud of her!

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"I am new here, and I must admit I was hiding (staying in my safe lane- as always, but maybe not so much anymore) I have always been one of the shyer ones. I just want to say thank you! I have been practicing for over 10 years now and I have completed my YTT, but never has a teacher or network of people and community resonated with me so much (and I haven’t even posted yet!). Joining this group was one of the best things I have done- THANK YOU!
As I said, lots of yoga in my past, but also never has anyone broken down poses like you Nat or spoken in a way that has been so enlightening…AMAZING!
I am so glad I am here!

- Pip G. -


"I think the biggest aha for me so far is just honestly the hands. I am quite fit, strong and flexible, so it has always frustrated me that I just could not do something as simple as crow pose, and that is although I have studied how other people look: the elbows over wrists, leaning in and daring to do it, all of that. Somehow I just missed everything you teach with the hands and it really makes all the difference. Thank for this! All the best from Denmark "

- Malene B. -

"This week has been LOTS of fun and very motivating so far, thank you! My crow pose is coming along really well now thanks to your tips about stacking the wrist and elbow and about knee position on the back of the arm. Before that I had bruises all over as I couldn't work out where to put my knees and tried every position possible.
I tried the one-legged crow vinyasa class today and although I didn't get more than a tip toe off the floor from the down dog set up, I felt that it will be achievable in the future. That's probably my major win so far, the belief in myself that things will get better (on and off the mat). Thank you so much for making all this possible! Ninja greetings!"

- Louise E. -


"I just wanted to write to say a really huge thank you for your YFS course and all of the amazing work which has so clearly been put into it...When covid came I decided to learn to headstand and have become a total inversion junkie. But with little progress - other than advancing a lot in headstand - and working a lot on core strength.
I discovered your course on my IG feed but couldn't conceive of spending this much money on myself right now. But you just kept appearing and then my closest friend sent me a link to your free talk the other day and after watching that you had me - by that night I had signed up. I went to bed feeling more than a little concerned and anxious I had made this impulsive purchase .....for what?
I am not even 10% into it and I have absolutely NO DOUBT this was worth every cent of those two hundred euros! You are a fabulous teacher and I can't help but feel this has fallen into my lap at exactly the time I most needed it! I am so so very grateful that I had the courage and made the choice to invest in myself in this way. Thank you for your passion, belief, dedication, honestly, vulnerability and non bullshit approach! THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!  I cant wait to fly!!"

- Ellie H. -

"I want to take the time to acknowledge and THANK you for the *immense* work you guys do here at Yogi Flight School (Members Only), on one side by taking the time and putting in the effort to keep up with the concerns and the wins of "ninjas to be" around the world, on the other having the courage to be seen as ninjas to be, even in somewhat humbling moments of practice.
I also want to express my gratitude for the absolutely GREAT non-arm balance vinyasas in the library, I'm finding them *extremely* useful in the process of my "ninjification"

Those flows are in many ways humbling (vigorous), enlightening (new and fun transitions) and stregthening (transforming both inside and outside). Growing my practice very fast by repeating them a few times and after some time trying the next ones. It's something I look forward to when I wake up in the morning. I thought you should know.
Honoured to be here."

- Heli M. -

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Ninja Case Study - Lily

“When I signed up for Yogi Flight School in January, I never thought that I would be achieving as much as I’m achieving. I’ve made so much progress, not just physically, but mentally. To truly understand why Yogi Flight School has had such an impact on my life, you need to know my story. Last year, my brother drowned...After he died, I tried to embrace his attitude towards life. When I signed up for Yogi Flight School, I told myself that I had to give it 100% - no fear of falling or getting hurt, and the things I have achieved are immense. I can do things that I saw my brother do and always wanted to do.”

What our ninjas are saying.


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"Thank you so much for the program! To be honest, I was a little skeptical, I have been doing yoga for 9 years and trying to do arm balances, not being able to succeed on most of them. But I was like "let's try it and see what happens", and to my surprise I was able to lift on a lot of poses I have been struggling with, I still have a lot of work to do but I realized that with practice and the right mindset I can actually do it! I'd love to have a certificate, I really feel I deserve it, haha. Thanks again!"

- Martha M. -

"Since starting Yogi Flight School I have been able to do one-legged crow for the first time ever after only just watching the videos in the first module! I definitely did not realise how far forward I needed to lean compared to where I was holding my regular crow pose. This prompt was definitely the biggest thing that helped me to get there as before it all just felt way too heavy, and I was telling myself that I was not 'strong enough'. Your wise words helped me to challenge that narrative and made me realise that I actually am strong enough, I just needed to overcome any fears of falling forward. 
Really looking forward to progressing through the rest of the modules to see where I can get!"

- Marlisse E. -


"I have no words for what you offered me! Just want to say thank you from deep out of my heart. Because of YFS I learned to trust again! And I am so proud of every Baby Step forward! Its so amazing what you do! Now I will paint my whole floor with crow paintings and love it! Cant wait until tomorrow!
Thank you!!!!"

- Ann-Kathrin -


"I already benefited tremendously taking this course. It is life changing and transforming.
I am not really feeling joy and aligned inside. Your insights on what we are committed to, limitations or possibilities. the 5 Cs, etc. has prompted me into thinking, why I am not feeling fulfilled inside while looked so fulfilled outside.
Your class has been transforming, to prompt me into resorting to my priorities: what really matters to me, most importantly, not attached to the end results.
I can not wait to get into breathing and start this weekend to be on my mat with your inspirations!
Thank you again and I love you!"

- Fei F -


"It's been one week since I enrolled and my biggest win is that you are totally legit and more invested in my success than most of the yoga teachers I have met while taking an in-person class. My biggest fear was that I was going to throw money into an internet black hole. 

I officially started on Sunday with the physical work. I managed to catch just a brief moment of air and that feeling of flight while working on crow. So of course I started to cry. On Monday, I got a couple more teeny moments. Your instruction is super clear. I am reminding myself to stack my shit at work at the computer to help with my poor computer posture. I love your targeted warmups that put my body into crow from my back or whatever. 

Thank you. I am really excited to continue this journey to flight." 

- Angela L. -

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Trish R.

Wow! I must say I am so stoked to have came across YFS when I did.  It seriously has changed my outlook on so many things in not only yoga, but myself and life.  I honestly wasn’t even sure that I could do any of the shit that was being shown on FB or the website, but I was going to try.  Something you had said at one point really resonated with me.  It was about your piano lesson and how if you had just applied yourself for just 5 min a day, you’d be in a different place musically.  PING!  I was like, yep…okay Trish.. Get you some poses, girl!!  I absolutely flow with your style of  teaching and the energy you bring to the mat makes me want to bring my very best too.  I am so grateful to share this time on earth with you, you truly bring so much to the table.

flying lizard pose yoga

Jess B.

"I discovered YFS on FB and was immediately attracted to Nathania's energy. I was new-ish to yoga and a complete beginner at inversions and arm balances. I was balancing on my hands within a week, doing headstands aware from the wall within 2 weeks, now working on poses I *never* thought I would be able to do. It is a falsehood that you need to be super strong, super flexible or super slim to do these amazing poses. Good coaching, the right technique and the right instruction is what's needed. I have seen videos and photos of ALL kinds of people (different shapes, sizes, ages, abilities) on the YFS FB Group absolutely smashing their false beliefs. And now I'm one of them! A highly recommended course. If you are willing to put in the practice (and you can go at your own pace. I'm working through it slowly and still making progress), you can do these poses!"

handstand yoga health

Lisa M.

"Being able to do a handstand was my dream as a child but I was a bookworm and not a gymnast... handstands turned into a pipe dream when I damaged my spinal cord...then I found Nathania Stambouli and YFS ... never say never is a bit of a life motto for me... walking is difficult, jumping is impossible...I had to dig deep just to contemplate trying to follow along to the handstand module recordings.
I watched the module videos over and over again to try and find a way in. I was scared that to be within touching distance of a dream I had previously given up on and to hit a brick wall would hurt and erode my newfound belief in myself... I tried every entry in the videos but they all needed the ability to kick up - I just don't have the functionality for that... I didn't get downhearted - I have found so much life enrichment and confidence in this group that I decided to just concentrate on improving my flexibility so I can tackle the arm balances in the knowledge that I had flown upside down in headstand...😊..
Then I decided to give it just one last try for the day. I gave up on trying to set myself up and attempt a static entry and decided to 'dive in' as I had nothing to lose...I had no expectations... then I stood on my hands... then I cried...at that moment my spirit was set free just as I had always believed it would be...NEVER give up on yourself... we are all capable of the seemingly impossible if we just believe that it could just be possible... Nathania, I will never be able to put into words what you and this safe space of YFS that you created have done for me..."


Handstand Classes Online
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Ninja Case Study - Cynthia

“My journey with Yogi Flight School began when my appendix exploded last year and gave me gangrene...This left me with a healthy dose of fear...Then I saw an ad for Yogi Flight School. Doing a headstand is pretty scary...I started with Nathania’s videos, live classes, and a 1-on-1 session - she’s an amazing teacher with an incredible ability to see my physical and mental blocks. Just a short time later, I overcame that fear and I was flying.”


It's your turn to fly!

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"Thanks for checking-in. I can’t believe it’s already been 8 weeks. I will probably stick with it for awhile because I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. There is a lot of content between the modules and the recorded workshops and the yin and vinyasa classes that I feel I still have a long way to go, which is a good thing. 

I am so glad I joined Yogi Flight School. I only came across it because I was Googling how to do crow pose. At the time, I would have been content to just figure that out. But, I became enthralled with your philosophy that maybe I was capable of doing things I had never really considered possible before if I just learned and practiced. I found that I LOVE the practice. It is time to work on perfecting a craft and alone time to be in my own head. And my body has transformed in the last 8 weeks too. I am as strong as I have ever been in my life. 

So thanks for offering the program and being the revolutionary instructor that you are, and I look forward to sticking with it into the future!"

- Anna -


"Your course is truly amazing. I'm pretty ok at the arm balancing department (though some of the tips are really helpful!) so I mostly joined it for the inversions of which I'm really scared, for some reason.

Last 7 days - well - I've been able to get into and hold Sirsasana A and hold Pincha (close to the wall) for like 3 seconds. I am really excited for the new possibilities and to do things I thought I'd always be too chicken to try.
Lots of love and gratitude to you - for creating this thing and being such an amazing human being."

- Katarzyna -


"I cried when I watched the mindset videos because a lot of things hit home... then I stacked my shit, gazed forward, shifted my weight right up to the “oh shit” point and guess what? I nailed crow pose!!! I’d been working on it for MONTHS and this morning, it just happened and I am so freaking happy about it! It’s going to be a great day! (And I haven’t even started to learn to fly, I did it with you on the weight shifting video). 

I’m so glad I signed up, I can already tell this course is going to be transformative on many levels, not just yoga. Life-changing. 

Thank you"

- Emilie -


"I searched for over 6 months looking for a course like this for my own personal development , i teach hatha and yin yoga ,and arm balances arent in my practice as i have now come to realise i was commited to being stuck, at 59 i thought i was too old for this course, i am now 8 weeks in and feel much stronger, i am nearly there with my crow pose! I love the honest approach of Nats style of teaching and the course has a raw unpretentious style of presenting which i love. Also the Vinyasa classes in the course are really creative and fun, i am loving just showing up on my mat and seeing where it takes me"

- Sue


"With Nathania and Yogi Flight School, three things are for certain: you will balance on your hands, you will get upside down and you will see your own self and life from another, and clearer, perspective!

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years, kept progressing and getting stronger on other levels of it, but always thought that handstands, forearm stands and certain arm balances were just not within the scope of my abilities. And here was Nathania, with her effortlessly authentic way, breaking down the essential parts of what she is teaching into information that makes so much sense, that she leaves no place for fears or limiting beliefs! So, be prepared for your own success, on your mat and in your life - simply do the work, ditch any expectations for the outcome and TRUST the process that Nathania's unique methodology will lead you through. Whether you are a beginner in yoga or you practice it for years, you will realize that you are stronger than you think and Yogi Flight School will take your practice, your physical and mental strength and your confidence to a whole new level!"

- Joanna L. -


Ninja Case Study - Sary

“All my life, I’ve lived very comfortably in my fear. My fear was my survival mechanism, my way of protecting myself from getting hurt…but there’s no better way to face your fears than by standing on your hands. Through the falls, the fails, and the faceplants, Yogi Flight School taught me to face my fears and to build myself up after every fall...What I learned is that my fear is wrong! I CAN take care of my body and keep it safe! I AM worthy of positive attention and reinforcement! I AM worthy of investment, both from myself and from others!”

fallen angel pose yoga

Kat N.

"…after watching 2 virtual arm balance workshops with Nathania, I was able to move from Side Crow to Fallen Angel pose for the first time in 8 years of yoga practice. Sure, I got a little bruised and sore but it was totally worth it!”

handstand yoga

Erin B.

"I used to think inversions weren’t ever going to be in my practice. They seemed kinda scary and inaccessible especially when practicing at home. But thanks to Nathania’s awesome program I can’t stop obsessing over them. Always finding new ways to change my perspective.”

parsva bakasana

James S.

"Yogi Flight School is a must for anyone who wants to unlock some of these challenging poses. Unlike a flow class where things keep moving, here you have time to practice, ask questions, and learn from your other yogis. She breaks down each pose, gives you time to figure it out, and offers encouragement along the way. I'm now doing poses that I'd struggled with before. I'm also stronger and more confident in my practice.”

side crow

Laura H.

“Arm balances are one of those things that I always saw other people do but I never thought that I could. I finally got the fine-tuned instruction I needed and I’m finding myself able to hold crow longer every day, I was able to do side crow, I can do these weird funky arm balances I never thought that I could because of getting that attention. Nathania makes it fun, she laughs, and even though it’s self-paced you still get feedback and watch other people on FB."

With our unique methodology, support from the incredible YFS community and your dedication, your success is inevitable!

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"I've started with Module 1 and ... it's really wonderful! Your lessons are really complete and clear, in 1hour videos I've understood more about arm balancing than in 2years classic yoga!
I really love it! After 3 tries, I could stay in Crow Pose for some seconds  :)  never reached that before  :)
- Mila M. -
"When I joined the YFS , I had the feeling it would be good but I had no idea how amazing it is going to be!!! Nathania is an incredible teacher! Her tutorial videos are not only extremely detailed, accurate, well structured and organized but also very honest so that you know what to expect when you initially start trying a pose. The amount of information available is incredible!! If you have always wanted to properly learn poses such as crow, side crow, eka pada koundinysana A and B, flying pigeon and many, many, many more arm balances and inversions, this is the right program for you! On top you get an incredibly supportive yoga family and Nathania’s amazing mindset videos, which (if you let it be) could be a real game changer!"
- Christina -
"I love this program! The teaching is so technically specific that progress comes quickly, so it stays encouraging and fun. The Facebook community is real in our humanness, and the support is super responsive. The flexibility of ways to practice is also essential for me, as I can’t commit to a regularly scheduled live program."
Rosey H. - 
What an amazing program, amazing community, amazing teachers. I fell in love completely and I spend my time trying to fly at any given time. I adore Nat's sence of humor and her cues are so funny you can't forget them. Everything is really well explained, you learn about your body and all it's components. It really changed me for the better.
- Caroline -
"It's been one week since I enrolled and my biggest win is that you are totally legit and more invested in my success than most of the yoga teachers I have met while taking an in-person class. My biggest fear was that I was going to throw money into an internet black hole.
I officially started on Sunday with the physical work. I managed to catch just a brief moment of air and that feeling of flight while working on crow. So of course I started to cry. On Monday, I got a couple more teeny moments. Your instruction is super clear. I am reminding myself to stack my shit at work at the computer to help with my poor computer posture. I love your targeted warmups that put my body into crow from my back or whatever.
Thank you. I am really excited to continue this journey to flight.
- Angela -

Ninja Case Study - Anja

“I never ever thought I would learn the things I have learned since entering Yogi Flight School, and nailing some of the poses is actually the least that this program has given me…Since joining the program in January, I have gained courage where there was fear…I am being who I really am on the inside…I stopped watching TV and replaced that with practicing…Sometimes when I watch the videos of my practice, I am looking at the screen and thinking to myself ‘Can I really do all of this? Is this really me?’”

Watch More Ninja Case Studies!
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I admit I doubted before joining the program because I feared it was just about daring poses and I felt I needed more from yoga.But YFS proved it is much more than that.In 8 weeks I've unlocked 2-3 poses,yes (I'm taking it easy though steady),but what I've improved hugely is my overall strength,my flow,my breathing,focus and even my self-awareness,not only about yoga:about life. Sounds big,but it's true for me.Nathania has a very warm way of teaching,you feel she's got your back,answering questions in the videos you were about to frame in your head ("how the heck do I...?") before you even do it- I'm in the self-training program and have no interaction,so this is even more important.She always refers to the holistic view of yoga,and I love that. On top,as a more pragmatic feedback,the platform and service items are superb,very complete,good quality,reliable and professional. I'm really happy and know there's still a lot for me in it,haven't yet jumped into the community but I will. Thank you team!

- Chris -


I recently join YFS, but I've been trying to nail some of the poses like for... years! Got tired of looking up Youtube videos and getting nothing out of it. This program is really a gem! Thanks to the tips and tricks, I'm nailing the poses super quick -- I'm impressed myself. Last and not least, I'm really seeing how slowly overcoming my fear on the mat, is also showing up in other parts of my life -- that in itself is for me a HUGE win, which I was not expecting with the program. My first fear to overcome, was posting my videos, hahah! Now, I don't give much thought about it. Thank you so much to Nat for the inspiration and mindset nuggets!

- Francisca R -

It's more than Ninja Tricks.
It's transformation, love, courage, and possibility. 

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