Ninjas Linda & Angela Crushing Stereotypes: The "Yoga Body"

Crushing Yoga-related Stereotypes has kind of become our thing here at Yogi Flight School.

If you follow our blog, you've read some amazing and inspiring stories already (if you haven't read them yet, I invite you to do so - you won't be sorry!).

Today, we are sharing stories from two more of our yoga ninjas. These are members of our community who are proving the "yoga body" stereotype wrong, every day.


From Ninja Linda:

I learnt I am the “too” girl... I was sometimes too tall, too short, too skinny, too smart, too weak, too funny, too stiff or too bendy but never just right to fit in or be enough. This was the same when I started yoga. Once a teacher told me I can only do an asana because my arms are too long. Another said I can only do another [pose] because my legs are too thin. But the most "important" experience for me was in my very first yoga class when the teacher told me I should not do headstand because I am too weak and headstand is too difficult for me. Since then I have had problems with headstand, handstand, scorpion and pincha and I am not happy when I have to stretch my “too long” limbs. But I practice yoga because my body loves it and my mind loves it and my yoga mat never told me I am too... So please tell me what yoga body is and show me the person who can judge who has a yoga body anyway. 


From Ninja Angela:

The thinking that only those with “yoga bodies” are able to do certain moves is crushing. This type of mindset can prevent people from trying and doing.

Your yoga body is hiding within. If you have a desire to do this then you have the yoga mind…remember mind over body. Once you start practicing you will achieve the poses …might not be overnight but it will happen. Your yoga mind will help you be consistent in your practice…with that practice will come YOUR yoga body. Your yoga body will look different from mine and we will look different from everyone else. The yoga body isn’t a set form…it is what we each make it. Don’t let a mindset stop you from achieving poses that might seem impossible as nothing is truly impossible if we put our mind to it.


Yoga is not for one body type, or none. Yoga is for all.

Stay tuned to hear more from our incredible yoga ninjas!


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