Meet Nathania & the YFS Team!

Our Vision:

The vision of Yogi Flight School is to empower people to live as the most fully expressed, free and powerful version of themselves, aligned with their dharma (true purpose).

We use the practice of arm balances and inversions to demonstrate that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, both on the yoga mat and in life, when you commit to any goal with intention, openness, and show up with authenticity.

We operate from integrity, generosity, and kindness with/to ourselves, our team, and the community of ninjas & aspiring ninjas that we serve.

It's Yogi Flight School's mission to teach you how to fly arm balances and inversion yoga poses, break through limiting beliefs and step fully and unapologetically into being the badass you are.

Most of us tend to hold ourselves back.
We compare ourselves to other people.
We look around at what everyone else has and does and we feel "less than."
We are afraid of judgment.
We're afraid of failure.
Often, we're afraid of success and the responsibility that may come with it.
We live our lives under a mountain of limiting beliefs that we think are the TRUTH (they're not).
They hold us back from being who we are, and we suffer.
Yogi Flight School is on a mission to bust that shit wide open and empower people with the tools to change their lives.

The yoga mat is a mirror for your life. The stories you tell yourself (I can't do that, I'm too weak, my core isn't strong enough) secretly shows up in everything you do.

How you do one thing is how you do (almost) everything. What you tell yourself on your mat, you also tell yourself in life.

Why not use the practice of arm balances and inversions to step into YES I CAN AND I WILL, rather than "I can't and I'm afraid?" That's what we're up to here.

Turning you into a ninja, and empowering you to rewrite the script on everything that's possible in your life. You ready?

Ninjas Created!

Our ninjas are proving to themselves what they are truly capable of every single day. 

Poses Unlocked!

...and counting! Whether the goal is a solid crow pose or to balance a handstand in the middle of the room, we've got our students covered!

258,098 Limiting
Beliefs Smashed!

Don't let your beliefs hold you back! You ARE strong. You ARE capable. You ARE worthy of everything you desire.

Hi! I'm Nathania!

Pronounced Na-Tanya. I'm excited to meet you but mostly, I'm excited to help you bring YOUR vision to life!!

How it all began

Five years ago, I was sitting in a cubicle in an office in a warehouse with no windows, amassing all kinds of technical skills as a Marketing Director for a large wholesale company, but absolutely hating my life.

I would scroll Facebook while shoveling a 3-day old salad I picked up on the way to the office from 7-11, watching people "out for a jog" or "out to lunch!" at 2 pm on a random Tuesday and I would droooooool.

I would ask myself how and what I could possibly do to have a life that awarded me those luxuries. The luxuries of time and freedom to do what I want, when I want. 

I drooled for so many years. Ten, to be exact. Before the straw broke the camel's back and I just couldn't. Any. More. 

My Journey

In 2015, I pursued a yoga teacher training just for my own education, and it BLEW my life wide open.

For the first time, I really saw that I was living a lie in my own life and how much I was wasting my talents and my soul doing something I hated. 

Within two weeks of starting that program, I left my toxic relationship of 5-years, gave my notice at work, and knew in my heart of hearts that I was meant to teach yoga. And so I did. 

I downgraded all of my expenses to make room for a smaller salary, and I hustled and made it happen. I was IN THE FLOW. Within 3 months, I had a full time schedule of classes and was supporting myself fully from teaching yoga! WHAAAAT!!!!

All of a sudden I was at lunch at 2 pm on a Tuesday and then going for a jog whenever I damn well pleased (ok that's a lie, I hate jogging, but you get the idea). You can't imagine the happy tears I cried!!

Yoga Studio & Retreats

Shortly thereafter, I started asking....what's next? Just teaching yoga wasn't cutting it for this entrepreneurial warrior. Well, the universe heard me. One year after becoming a yoga teacher, I also became the owner of a yoga studio in Los Angeles (SoulPlay Yoga), and I started my own yoga retreat company, SoulTribe Adventures.

At the end of 2020, I sold my yoga studio to focus full time on my new venture, a thriving online course, Yogi Flight School and a booming retreat business (when we're not quarantined).

I teach, I lead, I organize, and inspire, motivate and champion YOU to get out of your own way and create a life worth living. Because life is yours, and life is NOW. I spent too many years waiting for someone to hand me my joy - and now I'm here to help you create yours.

Yogi Flight School

When COVID hit, I started asking myself what difference I could make NOW to help people move forward in their lives, reach their goals and get into a state of abundance.

So many of us have ideas and goals and dreams and things we wish we could birth into the world but we're scared of judgment or we don't have the money or we're unsure of ourselves and we don't believe we are capable or that we deserve it and ALL THOSE LIMITING BELIEFS GET TO BE CRUSHED RIGHT NOW!!

In 2020, I created Yogi Flight School, an online yoga arm balance and inversions program to empower aspiring yoga ninjas to finally nail their arm balances and inversions so they can finally flow with ease!

Our community has grown quickly and is made up of amazing, inspiring humans from all over the world who are committed to breaking through the stories that keep them small and make the impossible, possible.

Yogi Flight School and my retreats are here to push you past your boundaries and perceived limitations and guide you towards your own "HOLY SHIT I CANT BELIEVE I AM CAPABLE OF THAT" moments over and over.

You are here to LIVE OUT LOUD, to follow your heart, to cry the same happy tears I cried the day I realized I had made it OUT of the suffocating situation I was in, in my office in the warehouse with no windows. 

You get to bring your vision to the world, and I (along with my team and our community) provide the motivation, inspiration, love and support you need to help get you to where you're going. 

Come along my friend, this is YOUR TIME, and I will lift you up until you fly!

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