What does it mean to be a Yoga Ninja? …What is possible when you are willing to lean into your fears and self-limiting beliefs?

Take a look at these amazing shout outs in the media celebrating life transformation through our unique Online Arm Balance & Inversion program!

Read more about how Yogi Flight School came to be and how our founder, Nathania Stambouli uses arm balances and inversions to transform her students' lives from the inside out.

YFS in the Media...Take a look!

Pincha Mayurasana Nathania Stambouli

OK! Magazine

Not Your Average Yoga Instructor, Nathania Stambouli Is Soaring To New Heights With Yogi Flight School

“The reason most people struggle with arm balances is not because they aren’t strong enough. They are. They struggle because going into the balance point requires you to be willing to fall on your face. And for most of us, we aren’t willing to fall. We stop ourselves out of fear. And we do the same thing in our lives.”

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Nathania Stambouli Handstand

Health Daily

Yogi Flight School’s Nathania Stambouli Shares What Standing On Your Hands Will Teach You About Life

"...Something changes within you when your feet leave the ground, and you find yourself with your heart over your head as you balance in a crow, flying pigeon pose, or even a handstand."

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Nathania Stambouli Handstand

Strong Fitness Magazine

Unleash Your Personal Power with Yogi Flight School

“In the beginning, I was that girl getting mad at myself because I couldn't do a handstand. And it showed me where I was doing that all over my life—being angry with myself because I couldn't achieve an arbitrary goal. It taught me just to keep showing up and fall in love with the practice of conquering my fears and not giving up" 

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Arm Balances Astavakrasana Nathania Stambouli

LA Weekly

Bringing visions to life by helping people push boundaries through Yoga, meet Nathania Stambouli.

"Speaking more about her journey, Nathania says how she, too, spent a decade working in the corporate world as a marketing director for a wholesale company and finally, after 10 years, had the courage to do something about it."

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Handstand Inversions Nathania Stambouli

Huffington Post

Creating Ninjas And Making Them Fly Through Yoga, Nathania Stambouli Transforms Lives With Yogi Flight School.

"Changing people’s self-limiting perceptions from “I can’t do this” to realizing that they are competent, powerful and capable is what she lives for."

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Arm Balances Yoga Inversions


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