The Parents of Yogi Flight School

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Yogi Flight School is grateful to be the home of so many Ninja Parents!

In this article, we asked for a group of volunteers from within our community to share their personal experiences of how participating in Yogi Flight School has impacted them and their children. We received an overwhelming number of parents raising their hands to help! So many, in fact, that we might have to make "The Parents of Yogi Flight School" a regular feature!

You will read about how busy parents find ways to work this practice into their routines and balance the responsibility that they have to themselves and to their children, as well as the unexpected "side-effects" that learning arm balances and inversions within our community has had on their lives.



Children: I have two children, my son is 6 and my daughter is 2.

As a parent, Yogi Flight School has affected me in many ways. Trying to be more patient and putting myself first because - happy mom, happy kids! I started YFS deep in lockdown - schools closed, working from home. I had both my children home and at some point, in October 2020 when our second lockdown began I realized I needed something for myself on a daily basis because life was hard to manage without having some time and peace for myself. I started daily yoga in August but it took some time for it to become a habit. When it did it was not “I don't have time for this” - it was "What to ditch to make time for me?". If you want something, you find the time. Don't wait for motivation. Motivation comes later when your practice is already established. 

I think I am setting an example for my children that it is important to take care of yourself first and only then can you be of service to others. If you don't take care of yourself, who will?

 If you really want something, you have to set your priorities. I don't believe in not having time but I do believe in not having energy. It took me almost two years after my second child to find the energy to do something for myself. I decided to ditch the tv and Netflix, and haven't watched a movie in almost a year. That is my sacrifice. I am not the type of person who works well when there are distractions, so I unroll my mat when my kids go to bed. 9 pm I am on my mat. 

 As far as finances go, when our car breaks down we always find money to repair it or to buy a new one. But for some reason, investing money into ourselves is something most people feel guilty about. I love to spend money on myself and my well-being, because it affects so many areas of my life when I do something nice for myself. 

My car takes me from point A to point B, but my body takes me through life and it isn't replaceable. 

Waiting around for you to have time is not gonna happen, you have to make time and work with what you got. You have kids, but that doesn't mean you have to just to be a parent and that is it. Waiting for the kids to grow up - that takes years. Years of time when you did not take time for yourself, being on autopilot, just cruising through life, without joy and passion. It's a sad life to live.

If you know what sets your heart on fire, if you know what makes you smile - make time to do it. Clean less, cut screen time. We all stare at our phones, you might as well do less of that and take care of yourself. It's gonna make your life so much better on so many levels.



Children: 2 beautiful girls aged 2 and 4

 Yogi Flight School has given me a little space to be me and not just be mum. It's given me body confidence and patience, which I think has made me a better parent. Having time for my YFS training made me be more present when I'm with my girls. I also train with them from time to time which inspires them to train too. 

My girls have enjoyed watching me fly. They sometimes give me my own space (which I love) to work out and other times they join in. I love both aspects with YFS as there are so many other parents in the group that when my girls show up in the live workshops no one cares. In fact when I post a photo of them, or someone spots them I get lots of encouragement. Being a parent with young children is hard but having some headspace makes me better and makes them better too. The girls also do their own yoga at the same time, following their own online class. It's been great to share this with them 

I'm the mum who always said she doesn't have time because of the girls. I'm the mum who had stories about being tired (neither of my girls sleeps through the night). I figured I needed to have my own thing, for me to feel like an individual, like the woman I was before I was given this amazing title of 'mum'. It's even great for my mental well being having my own goals, my own group, my own ninja crew. What's been even more fun is just playing around with the girls; joining in, or sharing my mat with them. Even at a young age, they respect my space, and on those occasions when they can't/won't I just embrace them and know I'll find time somehow. You can choose to use them as an excuse not to practice or you can choose to embrace them into your practice and know that finding time for you makes you a better parent and they will be inspired by your journey. It is worth it!! You are worth it!!! ❤

I'm lucky to also have a great husband who supports me in all my “ninja shit,” whether it's for a live class, vinyasa, ninjas in the wild, stop drop and ninja. He never says no, he pushes me. I'm very lucky to have his support. WITHOUT HIM I'd struggle - BUT I manage as I've had to do it when he's not around which does happen. This just means that I wait until they are asleep or I wake up earlier the next day. Either way, I choose to be who I want to be, which is me...all aspects of me. Don't let your children be your excuse. They used to be mine. Now the only excuse I have is me and what I choose (or sometimes not choose) to practice. Either way, be kind, realistic but be brave. You can do it!!!! 




Laura Hamilton-Brown

Children: 3-year-old

Since joining Yogi Flight School, I’m more welcoming to my son in my practice, accepting what is and moving from there, and also not getting frustrated by the idea of what it “should be.”

My son loves joining in and definitely wants to get up on his hands! 

Yogi Flight School is all worth it. You gain SO much from the community and wise nuggets of information and challenges from Nathania - reframing your thought process and the stories we tell ourselves. Everything is possible! 

Lifetime access takes the pressure off of needing to take immediate action. Go at your own pace but having your own cheerleaders spurring you on - can’t beat it. 

My advice to moms thinking about joining Yogi Flight School is to let the kids join in - creating movement and quality time together. I love our little sessions on the mat together and I know my son gets so much out of it too. Our children look up to us so if they see you making it a priority to look after yourself, what better influence could you have?!

YFS has given me so much - this quiet, reassuring voice and confidence throughout my day, and the courage to just do things!


Emilie Marqvorsen

Children: 6-year-old son

I feel better mentally when I allow myself to practice yoga and the teachings of Yogi Flight School. That directly translates into more energy when I am engaging with my son. I often feel like I can better manage the difficult times as a parent because I get all this mental energy from my YFS practice.

I believe that my son can feel that I am more present and more positive, but I usually don’t practice when he is awake, so normally he doesn’t see me practice.

 If I had to give other moms any advice as it relates to Yogi Flight School, it would be - Do it! I usually practice in the evening, when he is asleep. Often I feel like I don’t have much energy, but once I get started, the energy kind of finds me. It is really of great value to allow yourself the time and a space that is only about you. When you feel better, you can do better.

It is quite a financial investment, but if you try to look at how expensive yoga classes normally are, you see that you get SO much value for your money. 


Seanan Reidy aka DanillaPiero

Children: 15-year-old daughter and 2 sons, 13 & 10

One of my yoga teachers who has 6 children told me that once she started her yoga training and made time for herself she had more time for her children. I also feel that I’m more present now because I take time for myself. 

I've tried to teach my children some “ cool moves” and my daughter and I even participated in a free training with Nathania. 

If you take the time for yourself soon you’ll have the time for your family. It’s important as a parent and a mother especially to have something for yourself. Being a mother should not define you, it’s the most important job that you have but it’s not the only job that you’ll have. 

YFS has taught me that I can accomplish anything if I try and put the necessary time and energy into it. This is a lesson that I can teach my children


Natascha Tamarit de Reus

Children: 3.5-year-old son

Since joining Yogi Flight School, I find that overall, I'm calmer.

Every time I roll out the mat my kid wants to join in. He loves the downward-facing dog (because it's a tunnel he can crawl through). He also does a lot of balancing on one leg. Yoga mat = fun time with Mom!

“Me-Time” is also very valuable. Time for yourself to do awesome stuff and making progress in things you'd never thought you would. It's really real. The Yogi Flight School community is great and no one fears showing their progress and wins with each other. Even if there were toddlers running around. 

I do practice separately from my kid and at times where he is in bed. But I surely wanted to let him know about yoga so I do "regular" poses with him instead of being scared to kick him in the face when I do a handstand.


How amazing are these Yoga Ninja Parents!?

As parents, we often find ourselves dead-last on our priorities list because that's what we've been told "good" parents do. Take care of everyone and everything else first. 

These parents decided to do it differently. They are shattering old beliefs, teaching their children to care for themselves, and becoming better parents as they do so.

If you are wondering if Yogi Flight School is right for you, check out our free training!


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