Ready to finally fly your arm balances & inversions with ease?

Start flying from the very first lesson!

This unique methodology has helped over 4,800 yogis fly in record time - without more strength or flexibility!


This unique methodology has helped over 4,800 yogis fly in record time - without more strength or flexibility!


Nathania Stambouli

Founder of Yogi Flight School

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So you wanna do cool stuff like:

Yes, these are real Yogi Flight School students ninjas!

But honestly, you're kinda worried about...

Maybe you saw someone arm balance and thought, damn that’s cool! I’d LOVE to do that!

The yoga instructor told you to “put your hands here, put your knees there

And for a split second, you saw a glimpse of success…!

Until you fell.

And you fell again. Then you hurt yourself a bit…

And thought, “this just isn’t for me.”

I’m here to tell you that it is.

You can TOTALLY do this - and I’ll show you how!

Seriously, it's possible even if you think:

  • "My wrists are too weak"
  • "I'm not strong enough"
  • "I need to work on my core"
  • "I'm not flexible"
  • "I'm gonna hurt myself"
  • "I'm too old"
  • "I haven't been practicing long enough"
  • "It's going to take forever"

That's not it.

In fact, there are 3 big reasons why you struggle to fly.

And they’re all easy to fix!

You don't have the right technique.

This is the REAL secret to arm balancing.

See, most people try to arm balance like this:

And it’ll virtually never work, because the balance mechanics are totally out of whack.

The key is that your center of gravity has to be in the right place in order to get into and hold a pose.

Without that, it feels heavy and hard because
you’re fighting gravity the whole damn time.

Listen, I’ve been doing yoga for over a decade - and even I couldn’t fly from this position.

I’ll show you the right position and technique for every pose:

When you "Stack Your Shit" properly, gravity works for you!

Simply get into the right position, lean past the “Oh Shit” point, apply your anti-faceplant braking system and your toes lift off the ground
by themselves - like magic!

Like one of our yogi Ninjas says: “I can't believe how quickly arm balances happened once I learned the fundamentals.”

don’t need more strength.
don’t need to be more flexible.

Those are BS stories your brain is telling you to keep you in your comfort zone.

You just need the mechanics that make flying happen naturally in every pose.

Once you know this, you’ll
feel the difference in your body - it becomes light instantly!

You don't know the steps.

“Hands here, knees here,
fly!” ðŸĪĢ

 If you’re lucky, THAT’S the kind of instruction most people get in yoga class...

Other times, the teacher calls out a weird pose name and you’re left looking around the room trying to figure out WTF is going on.

nobody learns to fly like that!

(Really though, many yoga teachers don’t know how - so they can’t teach it either ;)

I break it down into clear and simple steps so you can get liftoff!

In yoga class, you were probably given 3 cues like - “put your hands here, lean forward, lift your feet.”

When it didn't happen, you decided you were too weak or incapable. Um....NO.

Your teacher just didn't hook you up with the right tools.

In reality, there are MANY
tiny but important steps needed to get you off the ground.

The reason you haven’t been able to fly until now is that you’re missing the little details that make
all the difference.

The magic is in the nuances that take you from floor to flying, like:

- Bring your hands here

- Spread your fingers this wide

- Press into the floor with this knuckle

- Lift up through this part of the hand

What you need is a methodical, step-by-step approach to go from "How the hell!?" to "YAAASSS I DID IT!!!"

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to fly in record time...

Or want to “Next Level Ninja” your intermediate practice to string 2, 3, 4 arm balances together and transition between inversions and arm balances with ease...

You need easy, clear, no bullshit step-by-step training that makes these poses accessible to
everyone. (Even you!)

You don't think you can do it.

Since we’re getting real, let’s talk about the BIGGEST thing holding you back…

You don’t think it’s possible for you.

Hey, I know you’ve got a “reason” for thinking you can’t…

❌ Maybe you think you’re not strong enough because you can barely do a push-up

❌ Maybe it feels like you’re not flexible enough since you can’t even do Step 1 of a YouTube tutorial

❌ Maybe it seems like your butt’s too big, your arms are too short, you’re too old

Whatever reason you’ve been telling yourself about why you can’t,
it’s just not true.

By believing these stories, you're giving up your power and choosing excuses.

There is only one thing that is true:

You can fucking
do this! Even if you’ve been trying foreverrrrrr.

And you definitely need to have the right technique, steps and mindset to get off the ground:

People of every size, shape and age are doing the things you want to do right now...

All because they dropped the story that kept them stuck (and small).

Seriously, we have a 75-year-old Ninja who just started yoga a few years ago…

A Ninja who is regaining coordination after 2 strokes…

A Ninja who is new-ish to yoga and started doing headstands away from the wall within 2 weeks…

An intermediate Ninja who wanted to improve their strength, flow and focus…

And everything in between. You’ve
got this!

You’ll see how to move past the things that hold you back so you can freaking go after what you REALLY want, in yoga and life.

You might even discover a whole new layer of yourself - one that’s more confident, capable, and badass than you ever expected ðŸĪ˜

Flying is what makes you strong & flexible!

You don’t need to wait and “gain strength” before doing this, because practicing these poses gives you the strength you need.

Doing push-ups to get stronger makes you really good at push-ups, not flying.

(You actually don’t even need to be able to do a full push-up to arm balance! ðŸĪŊðŸĪŊ)

If all it took was strength, you’d see bodybuilders and experienced yogis arm balancing - but they can’t!

That’s because strength isn’t as important as you think it is.

And your wrists? No problem.

They aren’t holding you up anyway, your hands and forearms are.

When you learn how to activate your hand-lock and prepare your forearms to bear your weight, your experience with hands-on-the-floor poses will change forever.

I’ll teach you techniques that build strength and prevent wrist pain so you can arm balance

At home in your living room, or on a rock while hiking!

I wasn’t very flexible when I started - I couldn't even touch my toes.

With strategic warmups, modifications and practicing the right drills, most people gain enough flexibility quickly.

Check out this Ninja modifying a pose to fit his tight hamstrings, and flying his butt off!

(Also, he’s 57. We have hundreds of Ninjas in their 50s and 60s who are gaining more strength and flexibility than they’ve ever had in their life!)

At Yogi Flight School, we teach regular people how to do seemingly impossible things, and expand what you are capable of forever.

Are you ready to awaken your inner ninja!?


Yogi Flight School

This one-of-a-kind arm balance & inversion course gets you standing on your hands from the first lesson, and mastering dozens of shapes in just weeks!


Watch the Trainings

As soon as you register, you get instant access to over 100 step-by-step videos and strategic warmups.

Start exactly where you are today and begin to unlock balance IMMEDIATELY!

Watch on your computer, tablet or phone through our nifty app!

Get Coaching!

Help is just a post away!

When you’re stuck or need a tip, post a pic or video in the community.

Our coaches will tell you
exactly what to do next.

As soon as you implement the feedback you get, BOOM! There's your pose!


You’ll be flying faster than you ever thought possible:

“It’s true, you really do make progress on Day 1!”

Whether you’re looking to start, deepen your practice, or just learn cool-ass party tricks…
got you!


Yogi Flight School is the only arm balance & inversion training that

turns beginners and intermediate yogis into Ninjas in weeks - and we guarantee it!

Whether you’ve been working at this for years or you’re brand-new to yoga...The step-by-step Yogi Flight School methodology gets you flying from the very first lesson!

Why does Yogi Flight School work better than anything else out there?


YFS is a unique methodology

based on physics and structure, rather than strength.

You learn very quickly that it has much less to do with strength and flexibility (you don't need more core work!), and much more to do with an intelligently sequenced approach that will have you flying right away - EVEN IF you've been struggling with it for years.

Ninjas say that our system and clearly articulated instructions make sense, and helps them make “instant progress”


Understand the shape of each pose. Get your body and brain doing the pose with gravity to prepare your nervous system for what it will feel like against gravity.


Super strategic warmup is crucial to get flying. Warm up your entire body (wrists to feet) for the exact actions you need to fly the pose - sun salutations don't cut it!


It's all about structure. Learn how to effectively stack your bones to to find the tipping point, and see why "my butt is too heavy" and "my arms are too weak" are just stories, not fact!


Learn how to break through fear and trust yourself to lean in and fly. Liftoff is inevitable when you approach each pose with the YFS Method. This stage is about managing your mind, trusting and developing longer balance.

“I just signed up… after the first 30 minutes of lessons, I can do a crow pose!!!!”

Hey yoga teachers!

If you’re a registered yoga teacher, Yogi Flight School awards you 30 CE (continuing education) credits with the Yoga Alliance and The Association of Yoga Professionals.

Simply request a Certificate of Completion once you complete all of the lessons to register your CE hours.

Here's the thing

3 Minutes in yoga class twice a week isn't going to get you there, or it would have already.

❌ Trying the same techniques over and over and expecting different results know what that is ðŸĪŠ

❌ Watching YouTube videos or Instagram tutorials from influencers who are super strong but aren't really teaching is not a training plan if you want results.

❌ Walking around thinking you aren't good enough, or that you need to "be better" before you can do something like this just plain sucks.

Training arm balances and inversions from the perspective of mechanics & structure is THE most effective way to make FAST progress safely.

Teaching you how to fly is my superpower

I'm Nathania Stambouli (Nat for short), and I believe that every one of us is freaking good at something.

For me, it's teaching people to stand on their hands (especially people who don't think they can!) and motivating my fellow humans to chase possibility in their lives.

I've been teaching people all over the world to stand on their hands and upside down since 2015. My favorite thing in the world (other than my cats and iced coffee) is watching my students go from "I can't do that" to "holy crap I did it!!" after a few personalized instructions

It happens every day and I LIVE FOR IT!!! 😭😭😭

When I first started yoga 12 years ago, I was convinced that "I could never" do all the things I saw the yogis around me doing in class.

Handstands, scorpions, forearm stands - I was convinced that my body didn't work that way. I was too stiff and too tight and I just didn't understand how to get my body to do the thing.

Learning to master these poses didn't just change my practice and make the impossible, possible...It changed my LIFE. While while the fancy tricks were fun, it's what I learned about myself on the way there that actually mattered and made the journey worthwhile.

Living in Los Angeles, I had the honor of studying with incredible teachers. I became fascinated with the mechanics of balance, and how simple (not easy!) the poses are when you understand weight-shifting and preparation. And so I created a method that can take virtually anyone from face-planting to flying.

I'm building a tribe of people who believe in themselves, chase their dreams and #stopdropandninja anywhere. An E-RYT 500 with over 5,000 teaching hours, I am committed to your success, to you breaking through your stories of "I can't" and GET that YES YOU CAN.

Don't just take my word for it. When you scroll down this page you'll meet dozens of my students who post their progress inside our members community. Regular (awesome) people like you who decided to drop the stories of "I'm not good enough" and make some cool ass shit happen.

Yogi Flight School includes everything you need to nail your arm balances & inversions

Yogi Flight School is an 8-module step-by-step video training course that walks you through taking flight on your hands in over 30 shapes no matter how little (or how much!) experience you have.

Video Training

Our signature YFS Method step-by-step video training gets you flying, no matter how little (or how much!) experience you have.

Our 8-module course gives you step-by-step training that gets you flying in over 30 shapes!

This takes the guesswork out of flying and literally covers it all, from warm-up to cool-down!

+ LIFETIME ACCESS to video trainings and pose breakdowns

+ INSTANT ACCESS to over 30 hours of training so you can dive in the moment you join!

+ LIFETIME UPGRADES - you’ll get all updates and new content we add to YFS!

Personalized Feedback

We have coaches all over the world who are ready to help you out!

Just post in our private community showing where you’re stuck, and our coaches give you expert advice that gets you back on track like THAT *snaps fingers*

Literally, we’ve had Ninjas successfully fly a pose just
10 minutes after getting feedback!

Check out this screenshot - you can see that our YFS coach made a short personalized video showing what to do, and our Ninja “got it!!!!!” ðŸĪĐ

We also offer feedback over Instagram and email too if that’s more your style.

Bottom line - we work with you until you fly!

And a community of Ninjas who support you every step of the way

Our Ninjas often say our community is the daily dose of positivity that they needed in their lives.

I literally cannot even begin to describe how inspiring, uplifting, and supportive this community is…

So I’m going to pass the mic over to the Ninjas and let them tell you about it!

“Supportive and celebratory, not competitive”

I love that it is supportive and celebratory, not competitive - and that all wins (even when I’ve only done something pretty modest) are warmly celebrated by the coaches and fellow Ninjas.   

"A safe space to share your growth"


The YFS community is wonderful. I’ve made friends, shared triumphs and not-so-triumphant moments.
I’ve been encouraged and supported in a safe space, and received excellent and kind coaching from the team.

“Everyone is celebrated and helped”


The YFS community is a safe, supportive and welcoming space where everyone is celebrated and helped.

(Two of my friends have actually joined due to watching things I’ve posted on Instagram and my talking about YFS)

“Thanks for teaching these things to a ‘normal’ person like me. You have changed my life forever.”

Check out what you'll do in YFS!

“Finally, it all makes sense!"

If you’ve tried flying before but it felt like something was ‘missing’ since you couldn’t get it - you were right.

The YFS Method is unique since it gives the step-by-step breakdown of each pose based on structure, physics, and mechanics - AND spends time strategically preparing your body for the pose.

You’ll see how to do it in a logical way that makes sense and is easy to follow.

YFS comes with 100 step-by-step instructional videos and personalized feedback to demystify over 30 arm balances and inversions and take you from "WTF?" to "Yaaasssss I'm FLYING!!"

From warm-up to cool-down, YFS has you covered!

Every training module comes with:

+ Targeted pose prep warm-ups to increase your strength, flexibility and mobility

+  PDF of the warmup exercises so you can easily practice on the go

+ The nitty-gritty step-by-step breakdowns of every pose covered in each module with tips you've NEVER seen or heard before so you know exactly HOW to do it!

+ A full-length workshop (90-120 mins) for when you wanna go deep

+ Myofascial Release to open tight areas and improve your mobility in seconds



Set the foundation for your arm balance practice so you can fly like...NOW!

+ Prepare your hands and wrists to balance pain-free
+ Unlock your balance point
+ Discover crucial techniques: Joint stacking, shoulder actions, Bandhas (energy locks), hand technique, weight shifts & gazing points.
+ Meet your built-in braking system to prevent face-planting!

You’ll use these principles every single time you arm balance!


Here we take shit upside down with the fundamentals of inversions! Learn YFS's unique technique to lock in your balance upside down even when you don't know which way is up!

+ Use the shoulder strength you have to find stability right away
+ Find optimal hand & forearm placement for your current mobility level
+ Discover how to engage your core upside down to get off the wall fast! 

Once you have this figured out, the next 4 modules are your playground!

Yogi Flight School is chock-full of simple & clear instructions you can easily follow no matter your level of experience!

The program meets you where you are, and builds you up from there. 

Yogi Flight School is unlike
anything you’ve tried before, and our Ninjas rave about it!

These yogis saw HUGE progress in record time!

YFS is PERFECT if you are...

🙋‍♂ïļ An aspiring yoga Ninja who has been working on arm balances and inversions for a while, but are frustrated with putting all the pieces together and never quite "nailing it" (till now!)

A yogi who has stayed away from arm balances and inversions because you don’t want to aggravate old injuries, or get new ones. We got you! You’ll see how to strengthen key body parts so you stay safe.

A new yogi who practices regularly and wants to fast-track your arm balance and inversion progress

An Intermediate yogi who wants to take your arm balance and inversion practice to the next level and string multiple arm balances/inversions together!

A certified yoga teacher who is ready for a fresh perspective on how to teach this stuff to their students! (Did I mention it also gives you 30 CE credits??)

🙋ðŸū A non-yogi who wants to have fun, shake shit up and try new things! ANYTHING is possible with commitment, dedication, trust - and a sense of humor!

Did I mention

YFS will save you money?

Let’s look at the options:

Workshops at your local studio are $40-$50 a pop.

They typically teach 1 or 2 poses - and once the workshop’s over, it’s over. 

You get zero feedback or follow-up after the fact.

And because you don't have follow-up or feedback after the fact, you’ll attend workshop after workshop to see ANY amount of progress.

It adds up fast!

You can hire a coach 1:1. Rates for specialized arm balance training range from $150-$300 per hour. 

Most people need at least 10+ hours to get comfortable in the majority of these poses, so you're looking at $2,500+.

Hoooo boy.

Instead, you could join YFS and get EVERYTHING you need to fly!

+ Strategic warmups that build your strength and flexibility as you train your arm balances.

+ Super detailed step-by-step pose breakdowns with insanely effective cues & tips that are unique to YFS (you've never heard them anywhere else!)

+ Unlimited, personal feedback from expert coaches so you’ll fly ASAP!

All of this, for a
fraction of what it would cost if you spent years trying to figure it out on your own.

Plus, YFS gets you flying from Day One.

Master over 30 arm balances and inversions in as few as 8 weeks with only 30 minutes of practice 3x per week!

Join over 4,800 Ninjas who have learned to fly with Yogi Flight School!

Enroll in Yogi Flight School for


1 payment of $397



Join the YFS Family Now!

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You'll Fly Within 14 Days!

You’ll be balancing like a ninja within the first 14 days (chances are, much faster than that) or get double your money back!

Yes, you heard me.

When you sign up for Yogi Flight School, you are going to be absolutely amazed at the positions that you can balance in VERY QUICKLY. However, if that doesn’t happen for you within the first 14 days of practicing the lessons from the course and requesting feedback from our coaches, I stand by my 14 day double your money back guarantee. That’s how sure I am that this works for everybody who comes in here as long as you actually do the work.

If you haven't made any progress in your practice by the end of 14 days, simply record and send over a 10-minute video of you practicing all of the fundamentals from Module 1 to show me it's not working for you. If we still can't get you flying after personal coaching from me, you'll get double your money back.

I ask for a video because I only want to work with people who will do the work. If you like to purchase programs, try them out for a day and ask for a refund, this isn't for you. This is for people who are committed to flying, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get you there!! If you practice what the program teaches, your results are GUARANTEED!


These BONUSES will massively help you skyrocket your practice!!!

50 Full-Length Vinyasa Classes

to put your learning into action + 5 Yin Classes!

Full length 60-minute Vinyasa classes with Nathania that you can practice on-demand (lifetime access!) to practice building up to your headstands, handstands and arm balances within a yoga flow - PLUS 5 Yin Yoga Classes to relax and restore. This library is always growing. 

A $5,000 value!

Exclusive Interviews

with 13 of the best Hand
Balancing Teachers in the World!

Exclusive Interviews with 13 of the best Hand Balancing Teachers in the World! Continue honing your practice with this exclusive interview series with 13 of the world's top arm balance and inversion instructors who share valuable tips and content to help you as you build your practice. 

A $1,300 Value!

Powerful Mindset Training Videos!

This is way more than just about standing on your hands - it's about everything you learn about yourself on the way up, and how you choose to approach your entire life. These mindset videos will empower you to take charge of your life in a new way, guaranteed! 

A $497 Value!

The Chaturanga Masterclass

Turn Your "Not-Sure-What-I'm-Doing" Push-Up Into A Chatturanga That Will Carry You Through Vinyasas And Beyond!
This 2-hour masterclass dives deep into this foundational upper body strength pose so you can practice it pain-free and with confidence. A solid  Chaturanga will support your arm balance practice!

A $197 Value!

Don't feel experienced enough?

That's a story.

It's not a matter of how experienced you are;
it's a matter of how committed you are willing to be.

The course teaches you everything you need to get confident on your hands and upside down.
The rest is up to you!

Join Yogi Flight School 40% OFF!

Are you ready for this to be you?! 👇

Hear what these ninjas have had to say about the course!

“This is the best investment I’ve made!”

“I’ve done crow before, but after I did it this way… I could REALLY hold it!”



If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck on the sidelines - watching other people popping up into poses (or achieving life goals) and doing seemingly impossible things like it ain’t no thang…🙄

...while you’re spinning around in circles, totally frustrated trying your best to figure out what the heck you’re doing wrong, then you're in the right place.

What do they have that you don’t?

  • They have control over their thoughts.
  • They recognize that the stories that hold them back are an invitation for a breakthrough.
  • They recognize that they get to BE the kind of person who commits to the practice so they can DO the work and HAVE the result they want.

Whatever transformation you seek in your life, it begins the moment you CHOOSE IT and say YES to yourself.

Abundance and POSSIBILITY is everywhere.
Trust that your intention is the most powerful energy in the world, and you have all the power to create what you want. 💊

Everything in here is what I wish I’d had AGES ago.

It took me 5 years to do a handstand… and if I’d had this training, it would’ve taken 5 months
or less.

f you want this, you can DO this!

If you choose to not join us, it should be because you
don’t want to fly - and not because you don’t think you can.

Yogi Flight School guarantees to get you off the ground, even if…

➜ You don’t feel strong enough
➜ You’re not bendy
➜ You’re older
➜ You feel like your arms are too short or weak
➜ Your butt seems too big
➜ You’re not experienced enough
➜ You’ve fallen on your face more times than you can count

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people achieve more than they ever thought possible

Sure, you’ll see how to make dozens of cool shapes and fly with stability and ease.

And it’s so much bigger than that.

You’ll find yourself:

✔ Overcoming things that hold you back

✔ Winning just by showing up (no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things go)

✔ Trusting yourself that “you got this” - on the mat and everywhere else in your life

✔ Capable and confident, even when things get tough

✔ Stronger mentally and physically

✔ Proving to yourself that you can fall and still be worthy (and even laugh about it!)

✔ Doing ANYTHING you set your mind to

And THOSE are things I don't want you to miss out on.
Because growth is about breaking through your limiting beliefs, dropping your excuses and CREATING your life from the inside out!!

And it starts right here.

"I was new-ish to yoga and a complete beginner at inversions and arm balances. I was balancing on my hands within a week, doing headstands away from the wall within 2 weeks, now working on poses I *never* thought I would be able to do. It is a falsehood that you need to be super strong, super flexible or super slim to do these amazing poses. Good coaching, the right technique and the right instruction is what's needed. I have seen videos and photos of ALL kinds of people (different shapes, sizes, ages, abilities) on the YFS FB Group absolutely smashing their false beliefs. And now I'm one of them!"

- Jess B.

"Your mindset video was the tipping point. I realized I was stuck in a mindset of having to be thinner and stronger before I could do the program in order to be successful at the fancy poses. Yup, backwards!

So now that I'm on the path, and I'm doing the work in the program, I'm not only seeing incremental successes in the fancy poses, but I'm also seeing a little bit of steady weight loss and feeling stronger and have more stamina. I'm so glad I found you. You are making a positive difference in my life!"

- Laura W.

It's time to make one of two choices.

Choice #1: Do Nothing

As you already know, if you do nothing...then nothing changes.

I’ve seen people stuck for years because they were piecing things together 1 workshop at a time….

Choice #2: Start flying!

If you know that you want to finally nail these challenging poses, gain awesome skills and transform your practice so that you feel confident on your mat and surprise yourself with what’s possible, then the choice is obvious.

Simply click the button below and in minutes, you’ll be on your way to flying!

If you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you.

Whatever you choose, know this:

If you don’t make it a point to break through your mental blocks, the feeling of inadequacy follows you around and reinforces any existing beliefs you have about being not good enough, strong enough or worthy of doing absolutely ANYTHING you want to do in your life.
If you keep waiting for the circumstances to be "just right," life will pass you by.

You deserve to know that you can do anything you set your mind to!

Don't Miss Out.

Join Yogi Flight School, Ninja!

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The program is currently 40% off for a limited time. If you return to this page and the rate has gone back up to $397, know that this discounted offer is not guaranteed again in the future.

Because I actually give a FAQ...

End the Frustration!

Get upside down and on your hands! Bust through "I can't" into "I did it!"

Learn the principles that will make your success inevitable!

Yogi Flight School

Get instant access now

only $397 $247

You owe it to yourself to finally nail the poses you've been drooling over since you started your practice and save yourself years of frustration!

Join Yogi Flight School

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Prefer a payment plan? Click here for 4 payments of $77