Meet Yogi Flight School's Next Level coaches on your mat!

Put your arm balances and inversions to use in flow!

Join our NLV coaches every Friday at 10am PST / 6pm UK for 75 minutes as we flow in and out of arm balances, get upside down with inversions, and play with fun transitions! If you have been through at least one full round of the YFS modules, and know your way around a few poses, you will feel right at home in our Next Level classes. 

Become a Next Level Vinyasa Ninja!

What you'll get with Next Level Vinyasa:

✅ 1 (75 minute) Arm Balance & Inversion-focused Vinyasa class each week. Teachers rotate so you get to experience several styles and grow your ninja practice!

✅ 10% off ALL YFS SWAG (while your membership remains active)

✅ Access to all Next Level Vinyasa class recordings (while your membership remains active)

✅ 10% off ALL other Yogi Flight School courses (existing and future : Teacher Trainings excluded - while your membership remains active)

Get Next Level Vinyasa for ONLY $49/Month!