Turn Your "Not-Sure-What-I'm-Doing" Push-Up Into A Chaturanga That Will Carry You Through Vinyasas And Beyond!





Walk away with a new understanding of Chaturanga...

Knowing exactly what to do to build your strong and healthy low yogi push-up...

What muscles to engage and how to access them...

How to practice this foundational upper body strength posture without strain or injury to the shoulders and wrists...

How to apply the skills and principles of Chaturanga to explore arm balances with more ease.

2-Hour Workshop

Live Workshop recording so you can learn from questions other real people have asked!

Transform your Vinyasa practice forever!
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See Why So Many Yogis LOVE This Training:

The REAL REASON You Still Aren't Sure How to Practice Chaturanga  

The most common thread I see between my yoga students who think they "can't" do something is simply that they haven't received the right instruction.

Truly understanding a movement in your mind makes a huge difference in your body's ability to perform it - and that requires time, and picking the pose apart into all of its component actions.

In most yoga classes - especially Vinyasa or Ashtanga - you're given a few cues and asked to make a shape (often without enough information).

Before you've had a chance to figure out what body part goes where, class has moved on and your time to "get it" or ask questions has passed. 

Now this one pose that you're not quite sure how to do, is repeated over and over.

Every few classes, you'll hear a new cue and you'll continue your quest to piece it together, but it still feels like you're haphazardly flopping your body to the ground, and you aren't sure what exactly you're supposed to engage to make that "90 degree angle" everyone talks about. 

As you practice, you're reinforcing a movement pattern in your body that will need retraining, and potentially putting your shoulders at risk of injury.

Chaturanga Dandasana, Four-Limbed Staff Pose, also known as the Yogi Push-Up, is THE strength building pose of the Vinyasa practice and comes up over and over in most flow classes.

Because it's a pose that requires you to recruit your whole body's strength and focus, if you don't understand how it works properly, it's hard to do, let alone teach.

That lack of instruction has a ripple effect...

Since you don't feel confident in your Chaturanga, you also don't feel confident trying more advanced hand balancing poses, because don't you need a strong Chaturanga first?

My point in saying this is, it's not your fault that you are where you are.

There is a lot that goes into a strong and steady Chaturanga, and tons of things you can do to build the mind-muscle connection and work your way there if you're still starting out.

It's time to geek out, pick it apart, learn what makes it an incredible upper body strengthener and a pose that will raise your badass status and make you feel strong and capable!

The Cold Hard Truth is:

If you don't learn to practice Chaturanga properly (but still practice Vinyasa), you run the risk of injuring your shoulders and you miss out on a world of more challenging poses.

And injured shoulders means NO VINYASA, and NO to a lot of things!

The rotator cuff is made up of small muscles, supported by larger muscles on the chest, on the back and around the sides of the ribcage.

Most of us walk around the world with loose upper back muscles and tight chests, from being hunched over all day. Taking this position into Chaturanga without adequate engagement of supporting muscles is a recipe for injuring the rotator cuff and the muscles at the front of the shoulder.

It is crucial to learn how to counter the effects of desk-sitting, driving and texting by engaging the exact muscles that will create a solid Chaturanga foundation.

Chaturanga is a full-body pose and is often thought about from the upper body only. Once you bring your whole self into Chaturanga, it'll be lighter than ever!





A Proven Approach To Turn Your Not-Sure-What-I'm-Doing Push-Up Into A Chaturanga That Will Carry You Through Vinyasas And Beyond!

...or Your Money Back!

  • Learn how to prepare your hands and wrists for a pain-free Chaturanga

  • Learn how to engage and train the right muscles to make Chaturanga easy and smooth  

  • Learn how to progress your Chaturanga off your knees and off your props

  • Discover how lines of energy, bandhas and breath contribute to your Chaturanga's strength

  • Learn how to flow seamlessly through a Vinyasa - how to practice Vinyasa options with a full or modified Chaturanga and Cobra or Upward Facing Dog  

Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Masterclass:

Since starting Yogi Flight School and in my years of teaching yoga, I've helped thousands of aspiring yoga ninjas expand their practice, learn how to stand on their hands and defy gravity.

Over the past few months, I'm hearing more and more yogis frustrated at not having a solid Chaturanga.

Some of the members of Yogi Flight School who are flying all over the place still don't feel secure in their Chaturanga, and I'm determined to change that (and to spread the knowledge of a good Chaturanga around the world!).

This is one of the least taught and most used poses in Vinyasa yoga, and doing it incorrectly over and over will cause issues - I believe in the longevity of your practice and building the muscular support to practice until you're 90 years old.

I'm charging because when it's free, people don't take it seriously. They sign up, and they don't attend, or they download and never watch.

This is important for your practice, and it feels super cool to be able to flow through poses without having to touch your knees to the ground!

Having a solid Chaturanga if you're practicing modern Vinyasa, power, Rocket or other types of athletic yoga is a MUST to keep your shoulders and wrists healthy for years to come.  

The workshop includes theory, practice and footage of personal feedback I gave to students on Zoom so you can learn from questions other people have asked (we usually all have similar questions!).




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