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I believe that it is our duty as humans to move past our stories, break through our limitations and design a life we LOVE!!  I help humans who feel stuck and suffocated to make powerful life transitions and bring their new vision to life!!

If you're waiting for something to change, waiting for permission and slowly feeling your soul shriveling up.... if there's voice in your head and a calling on your heart screaming for something different, it's time to follow it...


Anything is Possible

In 2015 I was in a toxic relationship and a soul-sucking career that made me want to crawl out of my skin, addicted to drugs with no way out.

Today, I own and operate a yoga studio and an international retreat company, and coach people who feel lost and stuck to leave their victim story behind, regain their power and make major shifts in their life.
Whatever you aren't changing, YOU ARE CHOOSING.

Anything is possible when you are ready to strip yourself of your stories and limitations and start taking steps in the direction of YOUR LIFE by YOUR DESIGN. It is my honor to walk you down the path to freedom.

Your Idea has Value

For so long I believed my ideas weren't viable, and working "in an office" was the only reliable way to make a living. Today, I also coach brand new entrepreneurs to set up their small business, learn the tech, BELIEVE in their vision and bring it out into the world.

You get to live the life YOU want! (and make money doing it)

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