Eliminate wrist pain forever so you can practice yoga and work out without restriction!

βœ“  Learn exactly how to use your hands, forearms, and fingers to support your weight pain-free

βœ“  Discover game-changing stretches and strengthening drills that will make wrist pain a thing of the past

βœ“  Understand how to prepare your wrists for activity so you can enjoy every workout without thinking "but my wrists!!"

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Eliminate wrist pain forever so you can practice yoga and work out without restriction!

βœ“  Learn exactly how to use your hands, forearms, and fingers to support your weight pain-free

βœ“  Discover game-changing stretches and strengthening drills that will make wrist pain a thing of the past

βœ“  Understand how to prepare your wrists for activity so you can enjoy every workout without thinking "but my wrists!!"

The real reason you're still in pain after all this time...


If you're anything like me and my students...

You’ve spent months (if not years) avoiding bearing weight on your wrists because it’s uncomfortable and even painful.

You're constantly stopping and starting your workouts to hold your wrists in one hand waiting for the pain to subside.

It takes several minutes each time you put your hands on the floor before your wrists loosen up enough for you to continue your movement...

So you look around the room and see people practicing without issue and you wonder “what is wrong with my wrists?” It FEELS like they're injured but there's technically nothing medically wrong with them....

You assume that you need to suck it up and push through the pain. Cuz you need your yoga!!!

So, you keep pushing through but if you're honest, your wrist pain is preventing you from doing what you want with your body.

And now you’re telling yourself, “these poses/workouts are just not for me.”


The Truth Is…

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Your wrists are not too small or too weak.

You CAN experience a pain-free practice.
But... you're in pain because no one has EVER taught you how to use your HANDS properly.

It's like everyone skipped over that subject in fitness/yoga instructor training...

There is an entire method to preparing and using your hands that allows you to practice pain-free!

Except almost no one talks about it.

They just keep on doing the thing hoping that their wrists will get stronger and the pain will eventually go away. (I’m just going to throw it out there that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome 🧐)

The truth is, once you understand how your wrists work, learn how to strengthen them safely, and implement proper hand activation into your practice and everyday life, it all becomes easy - and PAIN FREE!

And that’s exactly what I am here to teach you!

Hi, I'm Nathania (Nat for short).

I've been teaching yoga and facilitating teacher trainings since 2015 at my former yoga studio in Los Angeles, online in my arm balance program Yogi Flight School, and on my yoga retreats around the world.

Before that, I was just like you - going to yoga classes and enjoying my gym workouts but I was wrapping my wrists in ace bandages before every class, sometimes practicing with wrist guards (yes! like the ones you use when rollerblading! lol), spending money on all kinds of special gloves and acupuncture treatments.... when there was in fact nothing wrong with my wrists other than the fact that I wasn't using my hands properly.

Since then, I've made it my mission to to teach new and veteran yogis how to use their body in a way that supports them and keeps them safe so that they can experience the yoga poses or fitness practice that they want with confidence and PAIN-FREE.

I have taught thousands of yoga students how their body works, how to build strength, how to increase their sense of self-worth and confidence by learning to use their body in an empowering way.

I have a NO Bullshit approach to yoga. I keep it real. I teach you about your anatomy, how to support and prepare your wrists, forearms, and hands for safe use, and I specialize in breaking things down in a way that takes all the guess-work out of it.

You deserve to feel like you know what's going on, and I'm excited to support you on your journey to becoming WRIST PAIN FREE :)


Here's the thing...

If you don't have an underlying medical issue, wrist pain is almost always preventable and treatable IF you know how...

BUT it's rarely ever taught in yoga or fitness classes, or in most Yoga Teacher trainings.

We use our wrists for nearly everything that we do.

Writing. Typing. Making a cup of coffee. Washing our hair. Cleaning. Putting on your shoes. Folding the laundry. Driving a car. (...you get where I'm going with this...)

And in most cases we're using our wrists in FLEXION (fingers pointing down towards a keyboard or a steering wheel).

Having our hands flat on the ground bearing weight requires your wrists to be in a significant degree of EXTENSION, and that is a movement that gets to be trained and strengthened.

When you understand how wrists work and how to strengthen their supporting muscles, you can FINALLY do all those floor shapes (and more!) without an added risk of injury.

If you've been clicking from one YouTube video to another, reading endless WebMD articles that make you think you're secretly dying (never read WebMD!), or just giving up and resolving that you just have to deal with it ---- nothing's going to change until you choose to find a solution.

The most effective way to keep yourself out of wrist pain so that you can live your life, practice yoga and work out without discomfort is by understanding (and implementing!) proper hand activation techniques.

You can be practicing wrist-pain free within days, just like these yogis!

- Joy M. -

I love feeling the connection between hasta bandha and my core! I could totally feel that when I sank into my wrists, I let go in my core, but when I pressed into my fingers my core became engaged and brought my spine into alignment! FUN!!!

- Brigitte B. -

I have a rheumatoid disease and nearly did not sign up. Now I am astonished at what I can do.

- Abha C. -

The "aha" moment for me was all about the weight distribution. The weight of my entire body is not on my wrists alone but distributed into my fingers. Just like all my weight isn't in my ankles but along my foot. Once you "get" that, there is magic!


UnF*ck Your Wrists

A mini-course intentionally designed to teach you how to free yourself of wrist pain using proven techniques so that you can finally use and support your body in the way that you want without fear of injury.

An instructional program that you can access 24/7 on your computer, phone, or tablet, wherever you are!

Swipe through full-screen videos, track your progress, and watch your wrist pain dissipate!

What You Get Inside UnF*ck Your Wrists

UNF*CK YOUR WRISTS is a 16-video, step-by-step training course that demystifies the question of “WTF is up with my wrists!?” for individuals who struggle with things like push-ups, plank poses, arm balances and handstands so that they can finally exercise without wrist pain! 

βœ… 24/7 LIFETIME access to video trainings and anatomical breakdowns  

βœ… Step by step instructional videos for wrist strengthening and stretching that takes all the guess-work out of it

βœ… Detailed explanation of how hand strength is more important for pain management than wrist strength

βœ… How to modify your yoga practice or fitness routine for your existing wrist pain

βœ… Precise review of the Fundamentals of Wrist Health

βœ… How to activate your hands in such a way that wrist-pain becomes a thing of the past!


Fundamentals of Wrist Health

Forearm Anatomy & Muscles that Cause Pain

Hasta Bandha: The Hand Lock
Finger Gripping Technique
Hand Rotation
Modifying for Pain in Class

Wrist Strengthening

Warming Up the Wrists
Flicky Flicky
Makin' Biscuits
Cupcake Hands

Wrist Stretching

Pain-Relieving Forearm Massage Techniques
Popeye Stretch
Hands Flipped
Fist Curls
Pectoral Stretches
Myofascial Release

Your practice  could be transformed just like these folks!

Who is this program for!?

πŸ™‹‍♂️ Yoga practitioners who have been struggling with wrist pain in their practice for a while, but have grown frustrated with trying to push through the pain (up until now!)

πŸ™‹πŸ½ Fitness-oriented people who are holding back or unable to progress in their routines because of wrist discomfort

πŸ™‹πŸ½‍♂️Non-athletic humans who are battling wrist issues that negatively affect their quality of life

πŸ™‹πŸΎAny individual that wants to support their body and avoid the risk of wrist pain or injury

This program does NOT replace medical advice!

If you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel syndrome or are recovering from wrist surgery, you will benefit from the stretches and strengthening drills I teach, but your pain may be due to a medical issue and may need more than this course can provide.

UnF*ck Your Wrists TODAY!

JUST $27

I'm Ready to UnF*ck My Wrists!

Are you ready to revolutionize your practice?

Your investment is fully backed by our 30-day money back guarantee!

If you don't have your mind blown or learn super valuable things that forever change your experience with your hands on the ground, get your money back anytime within 30 days.

The only requirement is that you actually go through and practice the whole course! We do not offer refunds if you are unsatisfied with the program but don't actually try the program!

Just email [email protected] and we'll take care of you!

The content of this program is the gift that keeps on giving!

I get it, you've probably tried countless ways to get yourself out of wrist pain without success and now you're ready to give up.

...but you found yourself here FOR A REASON! 

I was just like you - frustrated, discouraged, and in pain.

AND THEN I discovered how to turn it all around, and now I want to share that with you!

If you're ready to say "BYE-BYE" to sore, achy wrists...

If you're ready to stop letting your discomfort and pain hold you back from doing the things you want to do with your body...

If you're ready to transform your quality of life...

It's time to make one of two choices.

You can keep doing what you're doing (which is not working super well if you're here reading this!), continue to feel frustrated in your yoga practice/workouts and cause further stress to your wrists.

You can invest your time and money into costly medical treatments trying to figure out what is wrong with you (when it's likely that you do not have a medical issue contributing to your pain).

You can stop doing any activity that contributes to your wrist discomfort and miss out on valuable parts of your life.


You can equip yourself with the knowledge you need to know EXACTLY how to keep your wrists PAIN FREE!

It's simple.

The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask and the choices you make.

You can keep asking "why do my wrists hurt? What's wrong with me?"

Or you can start asking "what can I do right now to help myself and learn what I don't know that could get me out of pain?"

Which question do you think will lead you to a better result?

For ONLY $27 you can unlock the secrets of wrist health finally put wrist pain and discomfort behind you.

Because I actually give a FAQ...

Are you sick of babying your wrists and missing out on activities you love because of wrist pain?


UnF*ck Your Wrists

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You deserve the knowledge to keep your wrist safe and supported!

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