Learn the unique methodology thousands of yogis have used to NAIL THEIR ARM BALANCES & INVERSIONS!

Break through fear and frustration to finally fly into any pose with ease!

βœ“ Feel capable in your practice

βœ“ Strengthen your body and mind

βœ“ Increase your confidence and feel like a yoga ninja!!









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You've seen some arm balances and inversions in yoga class and thought to yourself "I can't do that." 😱😱😱

Or you’ve been given a few cues that don’t quite click so you start to believe that it’s going to take you forever to learn or that your body just doesn't work that way. πŸ˜©

People make it look so easy, but no one really explains HOW ⁉️ to get your body into these shapes!!

So you try, and the fear of hurting yourself or the idea of failing over and over again keeps you from practicing consistently.

And yet…. there’s something about the freedom, the power and the beauty of these poses that keeps pulling you back. You want to achieve them. Up until now, your attempts have left you feeling that:

🀸🏽‍♀️ You're too old or unfit

🀸🏽‍♀️ Your wrists and core are too weak

🀸🏽‍♀️ You're not strong or flexible enough

🀸🏽‍♀️ You're going to hurt yourself

🀸🏽‍♀️ It takes forever to make meaningful progress

You may have had some success but reached a point where you aren't sure where to go next or how to make progress you can really be proud of... progress that makes you say YES!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS!!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

I totally get it. Yoga classes give you less than 3 minutes to work on these complex poses and they usually just call out a weird pose name and you're left looking around the room trying to figure out what's going on. 😳

So naturally, you start thinking that you're just not strong enough or that it's just not for you.

Most people think that arm balancing and inverting requires you to be super strong, but...

The truth is....

It’s much less about strength and much more about structure and knowing HOW and WHAT to do — and having the mindset that you ARE capable with the right instruction and support.

The truth is that it's all possible in a matter of weeks with Yogi Flight School's unique methodology based on the physics and mechanics of the poses, strategic warm-up and  step-by-step, focused instruction on exactly what you need to learn to get and keep your feet off the ground safely.

The truth is that the first thing that gets to change is the story in your mind about what you can and cannot do.

That's what we're up to here:

Changing the way you show up for yourself and what you believe you are capable of.

Because what happens on the mat also happens everywhere else, and you get to wake up the confidence inside you to create ANYTHING you want for yourself!

When you learn the fail-proof methodology we teach along with drills, warmups and step-by-step instructions to build up to these poses in a logical and safe way, your success is inevitable!

I'm Nathania Stambouli (Nat for short), and I've been teaching people all over the world to stand on their hands, elbows and heads since 2015.

When I first started yoga 11 years ago, I couldn't touch my toes and I had a big story that "I could never do" all the things I saw the experienced yogis around me doing in class. Handstands, scorpions, forearm stands - I would drooooool but was convinced that I wasn't going to be able to do it anytime soon - I just didn't understand how to get my body to do the thing.

Learning to master these poses didn't just change my practice and make the impossible, possible... It changed my LIFE. 

It took me a lot longer than it needed to, because I relied on the old "throw my legs against the wall and see what sticks" trick, and I picked up some cues here and there from various classes. It wasn't until I got serious about learning what makes these poses possible for anyone who's willing to learn that I was able to not only nail them myself, but build a methodology that can take virtually anyone from face-planting to flying.

I am committed to helping you break through your stories of "I can't" to fully and wholeheartedly believe that YES YOU CAN, with the right instruction and a loving support system.

I am an E-RYT 500 with over 5,000 hours of teaching experience and my absolute greatest joy in the world is teaching you how to stand on your hands.

I have taught thousands of yogis all over the world through my unique methodology in Yogi Flight School and on my retreats: SoulTribe Adventures, where I take people on vacation to learn inversions and arm balances in paradise.

My work has been featured all over and I can't wait to help you break through!

Here's the thing...

3 minutes in yoga class twice a week isn't going to get you there, or it would have already.

Trying the same techniques over and over and expecting different results is....well....you know what that is πŸ€ͺ

Watching random YouTube videos or relying on Instagram tutorials from influencers who are super strong but don't really know how to teach is not a training plan, (though it can get you started.)

And feeling disappointed and inadequate because you haven't nailed it yet is not a fun way to live.

A dedicated course just for arm balances & inversions with a fail-proof methodology is the most effective way to make the progress you've been waiting for so you can own your power on the mat and feel like a true yoga ninja!

Time to make those #goals a reality.

Transform your practice quickly like these ninjas!


Yogi Flight School!


A specialized arm balance and inversion course to break YOU through to your next level so you can flow into any pose with ease!


A training program you can access 24/7 through my nifty app on your computer, phone or tablet wherever you are!

Swipe through full screen videos, track your progress and watch tutorial videos with detailed instructions.

Yogi Flight School is the only strategic online arm balance & inversion training that works for every level!

Learning these complex poses with focused instruction in a community of like-minded yogis is hands down the best way to make immense progress quickly and finally nail the poses you've been dreaming of since you started! 

βœ…  Eliminate frustration and learn the key, game-changing principles and techniques to balance on your hands including wrist strengthening exercises, full body warmups, core and upper body strengthening drills, exercises on and off the wall and tips & tricks that will help you make exponential progress!

βœ…  Practice on your own schedule with hours of pre-recorded modules for over 30 arm balances and inversions!

βœ…  Share your wins, progress (and face-plants!) with an international community of yoga ninjas all working towards similar goals

βœ…  Review practice modules over and over until the muscle memory kicks in and your body "gets" it and get personal feedback every step of the way!

βœ…  Become a yoga ninja and go from "how the heck!?" to "I DID IT!" as you pop into any pose with ease  - no more flailing, face-planting or wondering "how" any of this is possible!

What makes Yogi Flight School different from any other programs, workshops or courses you might have taken?

We use a unique methodology based on physics and structure, rather than sheer muscle. You learn very quickly that it has much less to do with strength (you don't need more core work!), and much more to do with an intelligently sequenced approach. Not to mention our AMAZING community of yoga ninjas! Seriously the most inspiring, uplifting and loving place on the internet.

πŸ’₯ FLIP IT: Understand the fundamental makeup of each pose and get your body and brain doing the pose with gravity to prepare your nervous system for what it will feel like against gravity.


πŸ’₯ PREP IT: Super strategic warmup is crucial to get flying. Our drills and warmups are highly targeted to get your body ready to fly any pose in record time - from hands to core and everything in between.


πŸ’₯ STACK IT: It's much less about strength, much more about structure. Learn mind-blowing bone-stacking strategies for each posture and see why "my butt is too heavy" and "my arms are too weak" are just stories, not fact!


πŸ’₯ FLY IT: Your flight is inevitable once you approach each pose with the YFS Method. Flip it, Prep it, Stack it, and then FLY BABY, FLY!

Unlike most online programs, at Yogi Flight School, you're not on your own. You're part of a community of ninjas all working together to achieve goals. Practice and post videos of your progress for feedback in our Facebook community and skyrocket your practice with support!

What You Get Inside Yogi Flight School

Yogi Flight School is an 8-module step-by-step video training course that walks you through taking flight on your hands in over 30 shapes no matter how little (or how much!) experience you have.

  • 24/7 LIFETIME access to video trainings and pose breakdowns, including all future content updates! Gain access immediately upon purchase so you can start right away. (30 hours of on-demand instructional content!)

  • Step by step training for over 30 poses and funky variations that takes all the guess-work out of it (literally nothing is left out!)

  • Full body strategic warmups to set you up for success in each pose category, and cool-down videos to unwind after practicing

  • 8   90-minute workshop recordings of live classes to learn from questions other yoga ninjas have asked before you! Watching others get coached is a SUPER effective way to see what's going on in the pose so you can apply it yourself.

  • Membership in a growing community of yoga ninjas to support you and encourage you along the way! Post your homework for feedback in our Members Only group and hang with your fellow ninjas!

  • Certificate of Completion to register 30 Continuing Education credits with the Yoga Alliance, if you are a registered yoga teacher!

This is a comprehensive program with a unique methodology and over 83 step-by-step instructional videos and helpful feedback in our Facebook Group to demystify over 30 arm balances and inversions and get you upside down and on your hands!

Understand the fundamentals of hand, wrist and finger activation, shoulder stability, joint stacking, weight shifting, gaze, bandhas & core engagement (energy locks) and mindset shifts that will take you from "how the heck" to "yaaass I'm flying!!"

Module 1

Fundamentals of Arm Balancing

Wrist strength & warm-ups
Shoulder Actions & Preparation
Gaze, weight-shifting and trust
Bandhas (Energy Locks)
Crow Pose & Crane Pose
Crow Jumpbacks
One Legged Crow (Eka Pada Bakasana)
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 2

Revolved Arm Balances

Full body warmups for twisting postures
Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana)
Eka Pada Koundinyasana A
Fallen Angel
Funky Side Crow Variations
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 3

Open Leg (mostly) Arm Balances

Hurdle Pose (Eka Pada Koundinyasana B)
Firefly (Tittibhasana)
Flying Lizard
Flying Compass (Visvamitrasana)
Eight Angle Pose (Astavakrasana)
Two-Handed Croc/Elbow Lever Pose
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 4

Open Hip Arm Balances & Fancy Transitions

Flying Pigeon (Eka Pada Galavasana)
Baby Grasshopper
Grasshopper (Parsva Bhuja Dandasana)
Koundinyasana A to B Transition
Eight Angle Pose to Koundinyasana B Transition
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 5

Fundamentals of Inversions

Shoulder opening & strengthening
Understanding the core upside down
7 Headstand Variations (Bound & Open Hand)
Crow to headstand transition
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 6


Shoulder, wrist & arm preparation
The fingertips as breaks
Handstand on and off the wall
Learning to fall
L Shape, Split Leg & Stag Variations
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 7

Forearm Stand (Pincha Mayurasana)

Shoulder & core preparation
Building a strong foundation
Pincha on and off the wall
Using props (straps & blocks)
Funky Crow Pincha
Funky Pincha
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop
Module 8

Backbend Inversions & Pressing

Chinstand (Ganda Bherundasana)
Koundinyasana B to Chinstand Transition
Scorpion Handstand
Scorpion Forearm Stand
Headstand Straddle Press
Warm-down sequence
Recorded 90 min Zoom Workshop

These yogis saw HUGE progress in record time!

What is your success story going to be?

Who is this program for!?

πŸ™‹  Aspiring Yoga Ninjas who have been working on arm balances and inversions for a while, but have grown frustrated with putting all the pieces together and never quite "nailing it"  (up until now!)

πŸ™‹‍♂️ New yogis who are practicing regularly and want to fast-track their arm balance and inversion progress

πŸ™‹πŸ½ Intermediate yogis who are ready to take your arm balance and inversion practice to the next level and string multiple arm balances/inversions together

πŸ™‹πŸ½‍♂️ Certified yoga teachers who need a fresh perspective on how to teach this stuff to their students!

πŸ™‹πŸΎ Athletic non-yoga humans with a playful spirit, a growth mindset and a willingness to try new things!

πŸ™‹πŸΎ‍♂️ Yogis who have stayed away from arm balances and inversions due to fear around old injuries and physical limitations. We work on strengthening key body parts to keep you safe and make these accessible for you!

πŸ™‹πŸΏ Adventurous peeps who are willing to put in the time to make MAJOR strides in their practice and prove to themselves that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with commitment, dedication, TRUST and a sense of humor!

Attention Registered Yoga Teachers: Yogi Flight School awards you 30 CE (continuing education) credits with the Yoga Alliance and  The Association of Yoga Professionals. Simply request a Certificate of Completion once you complete all of the lessons and register your CE hours.

What is the investment to learn to FLY?

The mistake most people make is they think the “take a bunch of yoga classes on YouTube and hope for the best” route is cheaper.

What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective it can be.

Or worse….

…you spend months or years taking random classes and 90-minute workshops that never really answer the questions you have and leave you discouraged, so you decide it's not for you after all, and the old stories of "I'm not good enough," "I'm no gymnast," "my arms are too short," "my core is too weak," "my wrists are too weak," kick in, causing you to miss out on an entire world of possibility!! It may be cheaper for your wallet initially, but what does it cost your self-esteem and your confidence?

So next, people say, “Okay, can you teach me?” Which is possible, but expensive!

To put it in perspective, I charge $150 per session for private training, and you can expect to need at least 8-10 sessions to master most of the poses you want - that's $1,200-$1,500.

You can join one of my  week-long arm balance and inversion retreats where you'll take a series of workshops, and that'll run you anywhere from $2,000 to $3,200 depending on the destination.

You can take individual workshops with various yoga studios which will usually run you about $40 per workshop where you learn one or two poses -- if you want to master 30 poses, you're looking at $1,200 all together.

And with all of those, you’d be missing the benefits of being part of a community.

If you’re like me, you want to learn to make huge leaps in your arm balances and inversions without the crazy costs and without feeling like you’re the only one struggling. The only solution is to take a specialized training with a community of other people working towards the same goal!!

This is your chance to skyrocket your progress in very little time. I KNOW that you can do this -- hands down, no shadow of a doubt. If you want it, it's yours for the taking and I have the roadmap to show you the way.

This world class program normally sells for $497 and I'm offering it to you at 50% OFF for the next few hours only!!! Master my ENTIRE Yogi Flight School arm balance and inversion program for just $247! (Or, 4 payments of $77)

This breaks down to about $7.30 per pose - considering that yoga workshops are usually $45 or more for 90 minutes working on ONE pose and when it's over, it's over, this can't be beat for lifetime access to the teachings!

Ready to step into your power?

Enroll in Yogi Flight School for LIFETIME Access


Join the Yogi Flight School Family Now!

Prefer a payment plan? Click here for 4 payments of $77

In order to make sure everyone in the program gets adequate attention, feedback and support, I can only take a limited number of people into the program each month. This month is not quite full yet so I'm offering a discount to complete this month's class (yay for you!!).

We only have a few spots left so this offer will end very soon - don't miss it!

On the next page, you will have the opportunity to UPGRADE to LIVE classes once a week and to receive all recordings of live classes. Being part of the live class community is awesome and where you can make even faster progress by getting real-time feedback!

Your investment is fully backed by our 14-day money back guarantee!

I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers, and I KNOW that you will be successful if you follow what I teach. Try the program for 14 days. If you haven't made any progress in your practice by then, I will be happy to refund your purchase. Simply record and send over a 10-minute video of you practicing the fundamentals from Module 1 to show me it's not working, and I'll return what you paid. I ask for a video because I only want to work with people who will do the work. If you like to purchase programs, try them out for a day and ask for a refund, this isn't for you. This is for people who are committed to flying, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get you there!! If you practice what the program teaches, your results are GUARANTEED.

- Nathania Stambouli

PLUS!!! Receive $6,140 in Additional Value as a Gift!

These bonuses will massively help you skyrocket your practice!!!

46 Full-Length Vinyasa Classes to put your learning into action + 4 Yin Classes!

Full length 60-minute Vinyasa classes with Nathania that you can practice on-demand (lifetime access!) to practice building up to your headstands, handstands and arm balances within a yoga flow - PLUS 4 Yin Yoga Classes to relax and restore. This library is always growing. A $4,540 value!

Exclusive Interview Series with 13 of the best Hand Balancing Teachers in the World!

Continue honing your practice with this exclusive interview series with 13 of the world's top arm balance and inversion instructors who share valuable tips and content to help you as you build your practice. A $1,300 Value!

Powerful Mindset Training Videos!

This is way more than just about standing on your hands - it's about everything you learn about yourself on the way up, and how you choose to approach your entire life. These  mindset videos will empower you to take charge of your life in a new way, guaranteed!  A $300 Value!

Are you ready for this to be you?! πŸ‘‡

To Recap, Join Yogi Flight School and Get IMMEDIATE access to:


βœ… 24/7 Lifetime Access to the training materials for over 30 arm balances and inversions (83+ video modules) including all future updates

βœ… Warmups & warm-downs for every single pose category

βœ… 8 full-length workshop recordings

βœ… 4 Mindset Training Videos to break through fear and step into your power and possibility! (Bonus $300 value)


βœ… 46 Specialized Vinyasa classes that build you up to an arm balance or inversion + 4 Yin Classes (library is constantly growing) (Bonus $4,540 value)

βœ… 13 interviews with some of the world's best hand balancing instructors (Bonus $1,300 value)

βœ… THE BEST community full of yoga ninjas from all over the world to cheer you on and share their tips, struggles and successes (Priceless!)

That's over $6,637 in course value for only $247!

Don't feel experienced enough? That's a story. This program works with you. The drills, tips and exercises meet you where you're at and get you strong and confident on your hands.

Join Yogi Flight School and get Flying!

Prefer a payment plan? Click here for 4 payments of $77

On the checkout page, you will have the opportunity to UPGRADE to LIVE classes once a week and to receive all recordings of live classes. Being part of the live class community is awesome and where you can make even faster progress by getting real-time feedback!

You GET to do this stuff!!! πŸ‘‡

If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck on the sidelines - watching other people (people no different than you!) popping up into poses (or achieving life goals) and doing seemingly impossible things like it ain’t no thang…πŸ™„

…while you’re spinning around in circles, totally frustrated trying your best to figure out what the heck you’re doing wrong and why your arms won’t do that 🀬 and why you can't just stop sabotaging yourself and live your life how you want already, then you're in the right place.

What do they have that you don’t?

They have control over their mindset. They recognize that the stories that hold them back are an invitation for a breakthrough.

Yogi Flight School is more than an arm balance program. It is a body and mindset experience that gives you the agency to make powerful, loving choices for yourself and the capacity to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Yes, you'll learn how to stand on your hands, how to unlock complicated poses, how to get out of frustration with your practice, how to be a yoga ninja so you can flow into any pose with ease.

And it's also deeper than that.

You'll learn  to change the story about what you can and cannot achieve.

What's possible when you LOVE, respect and show up for yourself with commitment and non-attachment.

What you have the power to create when you face your fear of falling and prove to yourself that you can fall and still be worthy.

It's exactly the kind of support I wish I had when I started out in this practice, instead of taking 5 years to learn how to handstand - it could have taken me 5 months or less 🀩

Whatever transformation you seek in your life, it begins the moment you CHOOSE IT and say YES to yourself.

Trust that with intention and belief in yourself, whatever is stopping you from choosing you will dissipate - a tight budget, a tight schedule, a limiting belief, a job you hate, a relationship that keeps you stuck.

Abundance of possibility is everywhere and stepping into YES opens the door to that abundance.
Trust that your intention is the most powerful energy in the world, and you have all the power to create what you want. πŸ’ͺ

Kat N.

“…after watching 2 virtual arm balance workshops with Nathania, I was able to move from Side Crow to Fallen Angel pose for the first time in 8 years of yoga practice. Sure, I got a little bruised and sore but it was totally worth it!”

James S.

“Yogi Flight School is a must for anyone who wants to unlock some of these challenging poses. Unlike a flow class where things keep moving, here you have time to practice, ask questions, and learn from your other yogis. She breaks down each pose, gives you time to figure it out, and offers encouragement along the way. I'm now doing poses that I'd struggled with before. I'm also stronger and more confident in my practice.” 

Erin B.

“…I used to think inversions weren’t ever going to be in my practice. They seemed kinda scary and inaccessible especially when practicing at home. But thanks to Nathania’s awesome program I can’t stop obsessing over them. Always finding new ways to change my perspective.”

Laura H.

“...Arm balances are one of those things that I always saw other people do but I never thought that I could. I finally got the fine-tuned instruction I needed and I’m finding myself able to hold crow longer every day, I was able to do side crow, I can do these weird funky arm balances I never thought that I could because of getting that attention. Nathania makes it fun, she laughs, and even though it’s self-paced you still get feedback and watch other people on FB."

Hear what these ninjas have had to say about the course!


It's time to make one of two choices.

The first choice is to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing….then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to finally nail these challenging poses and transform your practice so that you feel confident on your mat and surprise yourself with what’s possible, then the choice is obvious: join your new ninja family inside Yogi Flight School and start your transformation to becoming the yoga ninja you know you are capable of being.

Simply click the button below and your new uplifting Yogi Flight School community and I will be waiting for you on the inside.

But if you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you.

Whatever you choose, know this: If you don’t make it a point to break through your mental blocks, the feeling of inadequacy follows you around and reinforces any existing beliefs you have about being not good enough, strong enough or worthy of doing absolutely ANYTHING you want to do in your life. You deserve to know that you can do anything you set your mind to!

But choose quickly!

Our program fills up fast every month and this offer at this price will be going away in a matter of hours.

Don't miss out on the chance to transform your mind, your practice and your life.

You CAN do it. With the right mindset, with the right techniques and with the right support system, you can transform everything you believe about what you are capable of.

The Yogi Flight School community and I will be there to support you every step of the way.

So don’t waste another year dreaming about what could be or struggling your way through.

Join us now and make your ninja dreams a reality!

Join Yogi Flight School and start your Ninja Journey!

Prefer a payment plan? Click here for 4 payments of $77


In order to make sure everyone in the program gets adequate attention, feedback and support, I can only take a limited number of people into the program each month. This month is not quite full yet so I'm offering a discount to complete this month's class (yay for you!!).

We only have a few spots left so this offer will end very soon - don't miss it!


End the Frustration!

Get upside down and on your hands

Bust through "I can't" into "I did it!"

Learn the principles that will make your success inevitable!

Yogi Flight School

Regular Price $497

Get instant access now, only $247

Limited Time Discount!

 You owe it to yourself to finally nail the poses you've been drooling over since you started your practice and save yourself years of frustration!

Join Yogi Flight School ($247)

Prefer a payment plan? Click here for 4 payments of $77

In order to make sure everyone in the program gets adequate attention, feedback and support, I can only take a limited number of people into the program each month.

This month is not quite full yet so I'm offering a discount to complete this month's class (yay for you!!).

We only have a few spots left so this offer will end very soon - don't miss it!