Creating Transformation that Sticks

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

Making the choice to change something about your life is the biggest step....but it's not always that easy.

Having some kind of framework to follow helped me greatly, so I created these 6 steps out of my own experience:


Over the next 2 weeks, I'll break down my take on all 6.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts - if you have an "aha" moments, anything that resonates or even anything you disagree with! We're all on this journey together.


a) Connection to your whole self:

Transforming your life in any meaningful way cannot begin until you recognize that you are three parts of a whole: mind, body and spirit.

Most of us spend our whole lives disconnected from our spirit — what is it even!?  The mind and body are obvious: we think our thoughts and feel our skin.

But the spirit piece is where we tend to get lost.

When we are disconnected from the part of us that is greater than our mind and our body, we miss the connection to our WHY. We stay small. We are afraid. We don’t trust that we have the answers. We don't even trust that there are answers.

We grasp outside of ourselves for validation and acceptance and find ourselves in a  personal “crisis of purpose.”

When you experience that you are MORE than your mind and your body - you are both the witness and the creator of your experience, you open the door to a magnificent world of personal power; power to choose your thoughts, to regulate your nervous system, to shift your state of mind and to take ownership of your life with trust and faith that the universe is working FOR you not against you.

Practices like conscious breathing, meditation, prayer, singing, playing music or anything else that taps you in to your state of "flow" connects you to your spirit.

Being disconnected from our spirit makes sense - the spirit is intangible, and difficult to grasp.

More urgently however, so many of us are disconnected from our BODY, which can lead to actual health issues.

If you’ve suffered any degree of emotional, physical or sexual trauma in your life, disconnection from your body on some level is normal as a protective mechanism. When trauma occurs, it’s as though the body takes a sharp INHALE, and never exhales again.

Trauma that doesn't get fully processed tends to stay stuck in your tissues, your muscles, your body’s intrinsic memory. 
Tension builds up, your nervous system operates on high alert and the body may become stiff, uncomfortable and even develop unexplained ailments like acne, hair loss, digestive issues and more.

Learning to release trauma from the body
with practices like Yoga, Thai Chi and Somatic work can be an incredibly powerful tool in the journey to connecting the three parts of your whole.

As you release physical tension, you also experience a release of emotional charge. (If you've ever heard anyone say they cried in a yoga class or after an intense massage, that's why!)

CONNECTION to your whole self begins the process of change.


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