Fear is your compass

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

Once you’ve decided to make a choice - to walk in the direction of your growth and your freedom, it comes down to our 4th step: COURAGE.

It’s one thing to make a declaration for your life, to see how you get in your own way and to WANT to create a new future of FREEDOM and PURPOSE.
But actually making changes requires a bucket of courage!

Adopting any new way of being is going to be scary. Change is scary - it takes us out of our comfort zone and makes us feel like strangers in our own lives. It’s much easier to run back to our old ways of being and doing because they’re familiar and comfortable.

But comfort has gotten you to where you are today
; to a place where you’ve done some good work on yourself but you still feel a bit like a square peg in a round hole.

A bit like you’re still looking for where your puzzle piece fits into the grand scheme of life.

To figure this out, you get to step out of the comfort zone and create a new reality.

For most of us, the courage we need is really about SPEAKING OUR TRUTH.

When we lie to ourselves about our deepest desires, we suffer.

When we lie to others about who we are in order to fit in, we suffer.

When we deny ourselves our own deepest truths because we are afraid of the backlash from friends, family (WHAT WILL THEY THINK!?) we suffer.

Even if it goes against the grain, if you want change in your life, you get to have the COURAGE TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH
. Even if it’s hard for some to hear. Even if it’s hard for you to say. Even if it means something changes and is never the same again afterwards. Trust that your truth is WORTH IT.

I will never forget the day I told my dad: “Dad, I no longer want to be a ‘business person.’ I want to be a yoga teacher.” 😱I😱😱 My palms were sweating. I had butterflies in my stomach. I could barely breathe right. I was already 30 years old — it shouldn't have mattered what he thought or said!!!

But the fact is that fitting in to my family’s mold for my life was really important to me. I didn’t want to rock the boat. I didn’t want them to look at me funny. I didn’t want to have to explain my choices. So I suffered in silence until I couldn’t suffer any more.

When I finally grew the courage to speak my truth, not only was my dad supportive, but he asked me what had taken me so long to do what made me happy. WOW. And for 10+ years I suffered in silence.

When you are brave enough to be authentic, doors open.
You are rewarded with self-love. You get to feel that you stood up for yourself and from that place, comes SELF LOVE. It is powerful!!!

Here’s the thing about fear:

Fear can either debilitate you, or be your compass.

Fear of being alone. Fear of success. Fear of making money. Fear of not making money. Fear of being judged. Fear of repercussions. Fear of losing people or things. Fear of “what they will say.”

That kind of fear is paralyzing. Isn't it?

Operating from a place of fear (not doing things because WHAT IF) takes all of your power away.

Consider that FEAR is your compass.
Whatever you fear is an indication of a place you’re ignoring in your life. Fear shows you exactly where you need to go to have your BREAKTHROUGH!

When you prove to yourself that you can THRIVE on the other side of that fear, anything becomes possible.

Courage is REQUIRED in order to live a meaningful life.

On the other side of fear is everything you’re looking for.

My question for you:
what is it that you fear most? What’s stopping you from digging deep for your purpose in this life?

Let me know, maybe I can support you in seeing how this fear of yours is a BEACON instead of a ball-and-chain.


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