Meet the Team - Nathania!

meet the team Apr 30, 2021

Let’s get to know the team members at Yogi Flight School 


If you are already a member, you have likely seen a handful of names pop-up over and over on our Members Only Facebook group. If you’re not yet a member, you’re missing out! (...and can learn more about our program here).

For our first Meet the Team featured post, we introduce…


Nathania Stambouli, owner and founder of Yogi Flight School. 


She is the heart, soul, and face of the operation and none of us would be here without her. 

Nathania makes Yogi Flight School the success that it is. With her passionate approach and relatable personality, Nat is a person that you feel comfortable trusting your deepest secrets to and can’t wait to go out for a drink with. She’s not afraid to call attention to her own bullshit, shortcomings, past mistakes - all with the purpose of relating to her students and encouraging their growth and success both on and off the mat. 


How did Nathania start Yogi Flight School?


YFS was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that rocked our world. With live yoga classes no longer being an option, Nathania set out to find a new way to reach aspiring yoga ninjas. Luckily, the world wide web and all of it’s tools were available to help make that goal attainable. 

In September 2020, Nathania officially launched YFS and has been crushing her students’ self-doubts and tossing out their limiting beliefs ever since. 


By now you know, it’s not all about the arm balances and inversions. 


The physical practices of arm balances and inversions that Nathania teaches are hands-down bad-ass - and they are also tools that unlock a bigger and better life if you use them right. Nat experienced this realization during her own journey to “cool party tricks” and has since poured her energy into sharing all of these physical, mental, and emotional benefits with others. 


There are some things we think are super important to know about our team members...


Favorite dessert:

Anything CHOCOLATE!! and Ice cream. Interestingly, NOT chocolate ice cream.... 


Favorite color:

It's a close call between teal and electric blue!


Favorite quote:

"Argue for your possibilities - not your limitations." 

~ Nathania Stambouli


Favorite yoga asana:



Favorite/dream getaway/vacation:

I am lucky enough to be able to lead vacations/retreats for a living, and I've lived my dream over and over now. The requirements are always SUN, OCEAN, JUNGLE and exciting adventures :)

For more details about Nathania’s story and how she landed in our lives, check out her full bio on our website.


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