What you aren't changing, you're choosing

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Last week we talked about the first 2 steps in creating transformation that sticks:

CONNECTION to your mind, body & spirit and to the VISION you have for your life.

CONSCIOUSNESS that your thoughts shape your reality, and your past shapes how you view the world. You have the power and the ability to shift both your thoughts and what you believe to be true about the possibilities for your life!

Once you declare a bold vision for yourself and you’re aware of the thought patterns that are likely to stand in your way on your journey, you get to make a choice; to allow your limiting beliefs, OR, to recognize the things you tell yourself that aren’t true, and choose to create new possibilities!

Step number 3 is: CHOICE

Have you ever heard yourself say the words “I don’t have a choice?”

That statement used to come out of my mouth pretty often. It was either that I had to do something my boss aid, or I had to have this job and do this work or I had to pretend to be someone I’m not in order to fit in, or I had to stay in a situation that didn’t serve me because it was expected of me, or I had to have external validation in order to feel I was worthy....

“I don’t have a choice.”  
Words that take away all of your power.

If you relate to this, hear me now:
the only thing you don’t have a choice about is breathing. Whether you want to or not, your body will breathe and you will go on living.

Everything else is a choice.

Even if it feels like it isn’t.

Even if you are choosing to NOT make a choice.

Even if it feels like there’s no other option — there usually is, and often times we’re too caught up in our pain or our beliefs to even see that it exists.

The crazy powerful thing is that even saying “I don’t have a choice” is a choice!


What if you recognized that all of the things you are doing, you are choosing?

You're either choosing to be stuck or choosing to be powerful.

You're either choosing to be a victim, or to be responsible for what you create around you.

I get that it doesn't feel good to realize that you're choosing pain or stuck-ness, but it's EMPOWERING. Because if you can choose it, then you can also choose something else.

When you recognize that everything is a choice then, you no longer “have to” do anything - you GET to.

Try that on for a moment.

wake up every morning and decide how I show up for myself.
go to work and use my voice and speak up for myself.
use this time to figure out where I’m headed in life and how I can get in my “flow”
feel my feelings, miss my person, and remember that I am alive.

You have an opportunity to make a new choice every moment of every day.

If something isn’t working, you get to shift it.

If your mind starts to go down the spiral of self beat-up and “what if” and “I’m not good enough,” you get to stop it in its tracks.

Once you are CONSCIOUS, you have so much choice.

You can show up as a creative force in your life.

You can choose to focus your attention on something that builds you up.

You can choose to surround yourself with people who inspire you.

You can choose to wallow for a little bit, and then pick yourself up.

Here's something that really helps me when I get stuck: I make the choice to be in CONTRIBUTION.
When in doubt, focus out.

If you get caught up, look outside yourself and choose to do something supportive for someone else.

Being in contribution anchors us. It reminds us that we matter and we can make a difference.

Today’s challenge, if you're up for it! Make a declaration.

Choose to cause something that wasn’t going to happen all by itself.

CHOOSE to connect, to cause, and to remind yourself of the power you hold in your hands.


- Go for a run or exercise for 30 minutes to shift your energy
- Reconnect with an old friend on the phone or zoom
- Tell someone important to you how you feel about them

Choose to cause something that wouldn’t otherwise have happened, and then let me know how it went
so I can celebrate you making the CHOICE to create something new!

The life you're craving is just a series of choices away.

You got this. 


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