Flying is More Fun with Friends - Diane and Louise

Those that are members of the Yogi Flight School Facebook community, have undoubtedly seen Diane and Louise pop up frequently in their feed, whether to share their own ninja shenanigans or to support the other members of the group on their journey to nailing their arm balances and inversions.

Diane and Louise are two friends living in the United Kingdom, who joined Yogi Flight School in July of 2021. They met roughly 4 years ago at one of the first yoga studios to open in their area. 


While Diane had been practicing yoga for a few years, after taking part in a free yoga class that was offered while she was on holiday, Louise had been new to the practice and was inspired by Diane’s level of ability. With spunky personalities and warm, welcoming energy, they quickly became close friends on the mat and in life.

In the summer of 2021, a mutual friend (also a student of the same yoga studio) saw an ad for the **Yogi Flight School free week-long training, which YFS hosts a couple of times per year, and invited them to also join in on the virtual training. This was a timely event since their yoga teacher had recently left to pursue other goals on the other side of the world.

After experiencing success in the training and feeling acutely confident in the teaching style and level of support and instruction offered by YFS, Diane was one of the first people to join the program. Louise admits that she was a bit more hesitant, but ultimately joined as well, and is grateful that she did! 

The two of them are regular participants of the weekly live classes, smashing pose after pose, and taking their ninja shenanigans wherever they go! 

It didn’t stop with just the two of them either. Knowing how powerful the course is, they never hesitate to recommend and promote it to their friends and there are now 8 members of their hometown yoga community in the Yogi Flight School program.

When asked what advice they would give to new and aspiring yoga ninjas, they said “Just do it! Post in the Facebook group and utilize the community forum for feedback [to reach your arm balancing and inversions goals]. [If you’re hesitant because of your current level of physical ability,] know that you gain the strength you need by doing the work and stick with it!”


Wondering what their favorite poses are?

Flying really is more fun with friends :)

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**(If you’re not familiar with our signature week-long training, You Are a Yoga Ninja, it is an interactive training consisting of a 3-part series of live instruction that teaches the fundamentals of arm balances and inversions, as well as breaking down a handful of particular poses, and getting you flying! Once the training is complete, we invite the participants to join the full course program which teaches over 30 arm balances and inversion poses, transitions from one pose to another, mindset breakthrough videos, and access to our weekly live classes held on Zoom, where you can receive individualized feedback from our YFS coaches.)


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