Stand guard at the door of your mind

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

“Stand guard at the door of your mind.” -Tony Robbins

That quote says so much.

Since you’re human, I don’t have to tell you this (but I will just in case):  your thoughts create your reality.

Whatever you focus on multiplies. What you focus on is what you attract into your sphere.

Your mind is therefore both your greatest enemy and your biggest asset.

Among the many things that make us walking miracles, us humans are the only beings capable of the level of consciousness required to actually change what we focus on.

In my journey of processing grief and creating a new life of meaning and significance, the biggest thing I had to overcome was my mind (and I still work on it every day!)

It’s the biggest thing any of us will ever have to overcome.

in creating transformation that sticks is CONSCIOUSNESS:


You are not your mind. You are not your thoughts.

You have thoughts, and they’re part of your mind — but they’re not YOU.

YOU are the soul that’s in charge of those thoughts, and the first step to awakening this consciousness is to learn to observe and watch your thoughts without judgment. (Meditation is great for this)

The thing about your mind is that it’s made up all kinds of stories about the world
based on the experiences you’ve had in your life.

It has worked really hard to protect you from every difficult thing that ever happened to you, and it constructed a reality that was required for your survival up until now.

If you feel out of place in your own life and body, like you're constantly trying to put on a pair of pants that’s too tight, that’s your soul telling you that the stories your mind made up are no longer serving you
- they’re holding you back.

Take a moment and ask yourself; what decisions have you made about the world because of your experiences?

Think about your beliefs, or things you say to yourself without even questioning whether or not they’re true. Things like:

The world is cold
People don’t get me
Life is hard
Money is hard to come by
Being authentically myself is unsafe
I’m too old for that
These are the cards I've been dealt
Bad things happen to good people

If you recognize any of those stories, consider that this is what you’ve had to believe in order to make it to this point in your life.

Yet these stories are not necessarily FACT.

The fact is that at some point, you got hurt, and someone told you to squeeze yourself down and make yourself small and sit down and be quiet and stop talking about your pain.

And so you started to believe what you believe….The good news is, you can replace old beliefs with new beliefs that serve you better, and begin to dismantle what holds you down.

Know this...

You are 100% responsible for the results you create in your life.

You’re not responsible for the things that are out of your control
- like losing someone, or being thrown into a global pandemic.

But you ARE responsible for what you create on the other side of what happens.

ou can create constriction, longing, missing, stagnation, insecurity, confusion…. And you can also create hope, courage, curiosity, creativity, openness and trust.

You are responsible for choosing.

I know that it can seem impossible to choose hope or courage or openness when all your want to do is shrivel up in the corner, but know that your thoughts are always going to try to keep you comfortable.

Even if you’re in pain, especially if you’ve been there a while, that’s your new comfort zone. Your mind will do everything it can to keep you in that comfort zone.

But because you are not your mind, you get to choose something else.

Life isn’t happening TO you, it’s happening FOR you.

Everything that happens is an opportunity to reflect on what’s important, to give yourself a big hug and break through another layer of the stuff that’s holding you back from living authentically.

I know it’s not easy, and that’s why we’re here. Because it's easier together.

When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing, you know you’ll be ready to dig into this work.

If you want to be free, you get to give up being right about your stories.

You get to give up believing that the world is against you and you get to remember this:

If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

When you wake up to the fact that you are responsible for creating your reality, anything is possible!!!!

I believe in you.


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