The Power of Belief

mindset Aug 31, 2021

 At Yogi Flight School, we spend a fair amount of time discussing the stories that we’ve created about ourselves.

These stories are often beliefs that we’ve adopted over time and are keeping us stuck in the same patterns, places, and as the same person. Growth becomes unimaginable, because growth requires change, and change takes us out of our comfort zone. 

The important thing to remember is that our beliefs are not always based on truth. We adopt beliefs based on our experiences with the world or with other people, many times during childhood, and almost always without conscious recognition of what’s occurring. Beliefs are sneaky like that.

But what happens when we begin to challenge those beliefs and set out to re-write our stories?

Magic happens.

It starts small. You begin to use the word “yet,” a lot more often. 
“I can’t,” becomes “I can’t, yet.” 
“I’m not strong enough,” becomes “I’m not strong enough, yet.”
“I don’t know,” becomes “I don’t know, yet.”

“Yet,” creates a goal and tells your brain that you are capable. All it takes is a seed of capability for an entire world of opportunity to open up to you. 

It starts with a choice.

We must choose new beliefs to replace the old ones. We must choose to step out of the box that’s kept us safe and venture into the unknown that will propel our evolution. We must choose possibility over probability.

For many yoga practitioners, arm balances and inversions are the things that they “can’t do.” 

They have preconceived notions that they’re not strong enough, flexible enough, or that it’s simply too hard. Some even go so far as to question their identity in the world of yoga. The reality is that they’ve simply not found the right person to teach them, way of learning, or community to support them. 

What if every limiting belief you have about yourself was actually just a result of not having yet found the right resources for you?

We are dedicated to changing our student’s stories and helping them fly. We are passionate about supporting their growth and uplifting them through their struggles both on and off the yoga mat.

Once you disprove one belief, the rest have less of a grip on you.

What will you challenge today?


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