What are you committed to?

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2020

Over the last 2 weeks, I've shared with you parts of my 6 step process to creating transformation in your life.

I've loved receiving feedback about where you are in your process - the journey of living authentically and creating a future we love is a journey best walked together - thank you for sharing!

So far we've talked about connection, consciousness, choice and courage - and while all of those things are necessary, without COMMITMENT, nothing sticks.

isn’t just about deciding to do something and doing it no matter what - though that’s certainly part of it.

Commitment is deeper than that.

It asks you to dig into your heart and really ask what’s important to you.

It asks you to connect to your WHY - to your vision.

To remember why you are making the choice to change.

It asks you to believe that YOU ARE WORTHY of creating a life of significance, and to continue believing, especially when things get rough.

The first step is asking yourself: "Right now, what am I committed to?"

Am I committed to thriving, or am I committed to staying comfortable - even if I’m unhappy?

For many many years, I was committed to my pain. I was committed to staying stuck, to being a martyr and living a life that ate me alive because the story of “I'm miserable” was my comfort zone.

That’s all I knew how to be, so I was committed to doing things that kept me miserable.

I didn't know it at the time, but commitment is a choice.

It’s normal for us to choose to be committed to what’s familiar, even if it’s not serving us.
It may be normal, but it's not helpful, so we get to shift that!

So I ask you - what are you committed to?

Are you committed to why things aren’t possible for you?

Are you committed to being overwhelmed and "not ready?"

Are you committed to believing that moving forward is something you should feel guilty about?

Are you committed to your pain because it keeps you to close to who and what you lost?

Or are you committed to setting yourself free? 

To seeing yourself clearly and changing the things that aren’t working?

To becoming the LEADER of your life just because you declare that it’s time?

There is no judgment --- you just get to be aware of where your commitment is, so you can make a powerful choice!

Once youmake a choice towards personal transformation, you get to commit to it, and re-commit over and over because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Creating a daily practice is something that really helps me stay committed to ways of living that fuel me instead of deplete me.

Taking 5-10 minutes every morning to sit quietly, close my eyes, breathe and reconnect to my vision, to my WHY and to the fact that MY HAPPINESS MATTERS makes all the difference.

If you don't have a daily practice for yourself, I encourage you to create one. Just 5-10 minutes a day of time to be still, with yourself, and allow your heart to talk to you.

What are you committed to? I’d love to hear!


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