Yogi Flight School Student Case Studies

Deanna Kohl

Discover the massive transformation she made in Yogi Flight school as a survivor of a rare, invasive form of cancer and how she never let circumstances dictate what was and is possible for her life. Deanna is one of our YFS Ninja Warriors and we are so proud of her!


Patricia Wynn

"YFS has taught me to try to balance my fear and my ego. Focusing on trying things I never thought I could do because I can't is no longer a story that I believe, but also, giving myself the grace, and doing things with joy, so that the fun is not just in achieving the goals, but in the journey themselves."

Greg McKee

Greg, we call him the Squirrel Whisperer (you'll see why in his video) lived through not one but TWO strokes.

He found yoga as a way to regain coordination and bring movement back into his body. He never expected to fall in love with it, become a yoga teacher and now be a badass flying ninja. He amazes us every single day.


Anja Pintaric

“I never ever thought I would learn the things I have learned since entering Yogi Flight School, and nailing some of the poses is actually the least that this program has given me…Since joining the program in January, I have gained courage where there was fear…I am being who I really am on the inside…I stopped watching TV and replaced that with practicing…Sometimes when I watch the videos of my practice, I am looking at the screen and thinking to myself ‘Can I really do all of this? Is this really me?’”

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What about yogis coming in with more experience?

While we teach everything from the ground up so that beginners learn to fly in record time, YFS will skyrocket your intermediate practice by teaching you to string 2, 3, 4 arm balances together, transition from inversions to arm balances, arm balances to inversions and more!

Check out this video to see what you'll get to explore in Yogi Flight School once you have the basics under your belt.
We call this Next Level Ninja!


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