1 Year Ninja-versaries (continued) !

In the spirit of continuing to feature some of our amazing students who have been Yogi Flight School members for over a year, we are introducing you to two more incredible humans.

What does 1 year at Yogi Flight School mean?

It means...growth!



From Ninja Linda

💪🏽 My biggest takeaway was to rediscover my inner strength and power that I almost forgot I had once :) It is amazing how life events like toxic relationships, fear of failures, society expectations can make you feel like a piece of shit. And it is also amazing what an amazing and supportive community and right people can do and help to find your way back to yourself. 

😁 YFS came at the right time in my life. I was about to burn out because of covid and all the online teaching and practicing. I was about to lose motivation and interest but then I joined the program and it was so refreshing. I found new challenges ( a lot ) new friends and a new kind of motivation. Although I am super slow in progress (on and off the mat) I am more patient with myself and whenever I feel lost, there are plenty of new friends I can reach out to, and that feels great. 

💫 Of course I had big wins in yoga as well, I had 3 dream asanas I’d always wanted to master, I did master one of them and get closer to the others as well. They all seem reachable now but a year ago they were totally impossible.

💰 Finally Nat helped me to reshape my mindset and helped me to understand that yoga can be a business and this is not something bad. That I can also give back to people and that my teaching is a value. This is the hardest for me but I try hard everyday to take steps on this long and scary road.



From Ninja Sary

My biggest takeaways from my first year at Yogi Flight School were:

🧘🏽‍♀️ What happens on the mat happens off the mat

🤯 The balance you are looking for is just beyond the Oh Shit point

💪🏽 You don’t need to be a college athlete or whatever to do amazing things with your body

🙌🏽 The body is not a competition. It’s totally ok to use supports or be satisfied where you are without needing to constantly prove something


Yogi Flight School is more than arm balances and inversions. 

Yogi Flight School is transformation.


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