1 Year Ninja-versaries!

Many of our Yogi Flight School students recently reached celebrated their 1 year anniversary of joining the YFS family.

We were wondering what they've learned during their time with us, both on and off the mat. 

So, we reached out to a few of them and asked!


From Ninja Shona

🙌🏽 Self belief - Yes, I can!! 
🌻 Courage, growth, satisfaction, freedom and fun fun fun live on the other side of fear.
💪🏽 If you keep showing up and doing the work, your success is inevitable. But be prepared that it’s not a linear journey - and that’s ok.  
🧘🏽‍♀️ Living life from an abundant mindset is where it’s at. 


From Ninja Kathleen

My biggest wins:
👍🏾 Growing into arm balances and inversions in a super short time
🌻 Accepting my struggles as a part of a process of growing, learning, that it is not about a pose, it’s about a process of development 
✋🏼 Pushing away the bad angle on my shoulder that always tell me, “you’re not good enough“
😃 Finding a super supportive community of ninjas that help each other with joy 



From Ninja Gemini

My biggest takeaways...
🙌🏽 Stack your shit and close the jaw are massive game changers
😃 Being part of an amazing community makes all the difference and keeps you accountable and responsible for your own progress 
💪🏽 Having a structured and specific warm up is essential to success and there aren't short cuts
🤣 A sense of humour will make it all come together nicely 



These ninjas shared some pretty powerful take-aways from their first year at Yogi Flight School.

Stay tuned for more from our ninjas in the coming weeks!


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