What You Want Wants You

What you want wants you because you are what you want.

You don't see what you want because you're claiming the small you, as self.

The truth is, everything you experience and receive is the result of you. If you want to own a company that creates piles of cash each month, the value of YOU must match that kind of abundance. Internal value.

Here's the thing, the path for you to embody that level of value is specific to you. This is why emulating another's path to success is futile. The path can be found in the voice of your intuition.

So many of us have a difficult time heeding the intuitive directives because our rational thinking mind usually chimes in and asks us to play it safe. We get scared, so we just remain where we know it's comfortable even though it's actually horrendously uncomfortable.

We tend to confuse comfortable with the known.

The rational mind equates the known with comfortable, and we start to believe that nonsense.

If you've experienced years of depression but suddenly begin to engage in the work that will dissipate that depression, the egoic mind will start producing thoughts to talk you out of that path. The unknown territory of life without depression will feel uncomfortable, so you might choose to forgo the work to remain comfortable.

It sounds backward, and you might even argue, "No rational person would choose depression if the path out were available." But that's not true. We do it all the time. Think of the overweight person who feels uncomfortable in their clothes and would love nothing more than to feel free of the weight. They know what they need to do: exercise and consume proper nutrition. But what happens at the end of the day when they're tired, stressed, or without much energy? They sabotage their efforts and choose against what they need to do to change because they're uncomfortable. The known actions of their past ways feels comfortable, but of course, it is not.

The comfort is an illusion because through the "comfort," they will become even more uncomfortable. The egoic mind is tricky.

We have all become a product of our experiences and beliefs.

The thoughts created from those experiences and beliefs play on repeat ad infinitum until we choose to disregard them in favor of intuition.

Intuition is the part of you with access to higher states of awareness. It is the aspect of self with the knowledge and blueprint for you to live the highest expression of yourself, and it wants nothing more than to share that knowledge with you.

Your job is to listen.

It can be scary at first because the unknown will create thoughts of uncertainty and fear, but that is just the egoic mind's attempts to keep you in the victimhood of your past beliefs and stories.

If your intuition is nudging you to act, act confidently because your intuition will never steer you wrong. In fact, it will ALWAYS take you to your highest.


Guest Author: Kim Demaddis


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