Yin Yoga & Arm Balances

yin yoga Mar 29, 2023

Time to slow down and connect with your y-inner self: 

What is Yin yoga all about? Find out why so many arm balancing ninjas find it such an amazing practice and yet such a challenging one. 

Yin and Yang 

This Taoist concept reminds us that opposite forces are also complementary ones, and each supports the other. Yang energy, “the sunny side of the mountain” is action and dynamism, while Yin energy “the shady side of the mountain” is quietness and receptiveness.

Going to your mat and trying out some badass ninja tricks is fantastic - and as you may be realizing by now, this is very Yang - That’s right! We stand on our hands and play around in great expansion, pushing limiting beliefs and cutting across fear - and when those poses come to life, we are in such an excitement! We fall, we laugh, our faces red, and no matter how exhausted we may be - we are SO thrilled! This is pure Yang energy, expansive, adventurous, decisive and active!

So how does a Yin yoga practice complement this?

For starters, it's a quiet and slow practice. The focus is on breathing and working to release physical tension in the deep tissues of the body which can help reduce stress both in your body and mind.

From the outside this may look too slow for some Yang ninjas BUT it’s just a matter of trying it out to discover that there’s also a part of ourselves that needs to go inwards and stay still, to find our own refuge.

“I first heard about it when joining YFS. I was reluctant at first, as it feels like you are 'not doing anything', but I was surprised by its benefits” YFS Student

The power of tranquility

Letting go is challenging. In Yin, we learn to let go of resistance and the need to control. This way we are face to face with ourselves. We learn to be okay with the constant chatter of the mind.  So you are not in a Yin Yoga class to work-out and sweat, but to work at a deeper level and observe your inner self: just as still water allows us to see its depths, it is that we can observe our deeper selves in stillness. 


And by staying longer in each pose, we work to relax our body and mind, allowing us to possibly cultivate certain yin qualities, such as receptiveness, patience and gratitude. 

Such a meditative and open hearted practice offers us the opportunity to experience the power of tranquility, of being calm in the storm. 

Other Benefits of Yin

Lots of ninjas from our community have shared that Yin yoga practice had a great impact on their daily lives, reducing stress, anxiety, or helping them transit hard times of grief or depression.

In addition, they found that Yin yoga helped them to sleep better and reduce insomnia, as well as reducing body pain. Also that it increases flexibility and range of motion - which is one of the reasons why it’s such a good complement for Arm Balances and Inversions! 

“After Yin Yoga I felt like I wasn't fighting my body getting into my arm balances and inversions.”  YFS Student

By staying several minutes in each pose we use our own body weight and breath to release tension, gently softening each asana. This reaches our deeper tissues, opening them up and possibly increasing our range of motion.

“Not only does it help with focus and mobility, but it also creates more body awareness in my inversion practice!” YFS Student

That’s right - bringing tranquility to body and mind helps enhance mental focus - AND having much more concentration when being upside down!


So if you are still on the fence about it… WHAT ALL Ninjas from our community say is … TRY IT!” 


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