Being Anchored: Connecting to Nature's Network

guest author mindset Oct 24, 2023

Do you want to unravel in your life, as the unraveling a complicated rose?

Or witness beautiful synchronicities and connections like the rainbow?

Nature is so complex and well made. It's governed by universal natural laws, so that all living beings can live together, in harmony. Even the food chain is designed to be always "fair."

Nature does not do anything useless, or out of malice. (Unlike man world...)

To make life more beautiful, and easier, and develop your full potential, we know being closed to nature works.

But how can we harness that feeling through the day/week/hard times?

To be anchored means being part of the whole. To be anchored is being aware of our life and our body (including its limits), rather than just living in our mind.

Everything is connected and being aware of our connection to the world (to the earth, to the sky and to all other living beings) is what keeps us anchored.

In order to be fully present in the "here and now," being anchored is the best way to:

  • Find balance, have a stable foundation to build on, and make your life path easier by being more intuitive!
  • Open the door to intuition, which opens the door to synchronicities, which in turn strengthens our confidence in ourselves and in the world.
  • Increase concentration and support us in managing stress. Instead of feeling alone in the world, you gain a feeling of protection by a common rule of the game. This also helps us to "let go" of what is no longer serving us.
  • Do the right thing (the fair thing) for everyone. Typically, someone not anchored believes that what is right in his bubble is not the same right for someone else. Win-win.
  • To communicate effectively (think about this as though speaking a common language) so that all health interventions can develop their full potential and all vibratory medicines that help you grow. In the same way that you need to connect your phone to the network to your receive text messages, you need to connect with yourself and others to receive universal messages.

Human beings are powered by electrical energy, and be connected to ourselves and others is what keeps us in-sync.

Surrender to life's laws to welcome life's magic! "How to" in the following article...

Author: Dr. Caroline Durieu

You can find Dr Durieu on her website or Instagram.


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