What Happens When You Take Yoga Outside

yoga tips Mar 06, 2023

You might be wondering…Why are there so many #ninjasinthewild? Why practice outdoors when you can do it in the tranquility of your own home?

Well, truth is … outdoor yoga can totally transform your yogic experience.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Breath:

    Breathing consciously is an essential part of yoga practice. It helps us connect with our body’s rhythm, reducing anxiety and allowing our mind to calm down. It connects us with our parasympathetic nervous system, turning off that “alarm” mode. And not only that, but from a yogic point of view, most of the Prana* that we take in is absorbed through our respiratory system. So the quality of the air really counts. When you go to a park or any open space, you are gifting yourself the opportunity to breathe in rejuvenating and more pranic air.

    *In Hinduism, Prana is seen as the universal energy, which flows in currents, in and around the body.
  2. Grounding:

    When practicing yoga outside, we also get to feel the energy from the ground itself, absorbed through our bare feet. The electrical charges from the earth have a positive effect on our body, such as improving sleep, blood flow, and reducing inflammation and pain. It simply produces greater well-being by stabilizing the physiology - AND it also feels SO GOOD!
  3. Space:

    NO NEED TO SQUEEZE IN for space. When you are out there in the open you get the chance to experience movement in a much more EXPANSIVE and creative way. That’s right, no walls to bump into or furniture to fall on. Just the open air. PLUS: if you happen to be practicing on a friendly ground - such as grass - the fear of falling when practicing more advanced poses, like arm balances or inversions, dramatically reduces (or even goes away completely! After all..Who wants to fall on a hard floor?) So… It’s perfect for the ninjas who are trying to divorce their inversions from the wall!
  4. Vitamin D:

    No kidding! A lack of this vitamin can manifest in fatigue, weakness, or even depression (just to mention some symptoms). On your way to the park or to your selected spot… you will be softly exposed here and there to some sun, and that’s exactly what your body needs to maintain wellness!
  5. Ambient and Inspiration

    The surroundings can really stimulate your senses - from a soft breeze, to the chirping of birds. You can actually gaze up to the sky while you gently breathe in, or contemplate the sun going down while doing a Sun Salutation. Practicing yoga outdoors helps us be more present and joyful!

We - and all Ninjas in the Wild - know for certain that, above all the previous mentioned, yoga outdoors it’s just awesome and SO MUCH FUN.

Have you tried it yet?


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